Looking up!

Way back in the late 80s and early 90s, when I used to live in Baroda, Gujarat, we would spend the nights in summers sleeping on the terrace, under the open skies. Mattresses would be rolled out after sunset and allowed to cool up by the time we would hit bed. Carrying a small copper … More Looking up!

#181 The Stars Are Very Far Away

Some stars wander. Like the animals we hunt. Like us. If you watch with care over many months, you find they move. There are only five of them, like the fingers on a hand. They wander slowly among the stars. If the campfire thought is true, those stars must be tribes of wandering hunterfolk, carrying big fires. But I don’t see how wandering stars can be holes in a skin. When you make a hole, there it is. A hole is a hole. Holes do not wander. Also, I don’t want to be surrounded by a sky of flame. If the skin fell, the night sky would be bright – too bright – like seeing flame everywhere. I think a sky of flame would eat us all. … More #181 The Stars Are Very Far Away