#247 Awww Deee Cold Coffeee in the life of RFB!

October 2008, Evanston RFB: Vada paav, Pune! Guru: You should go to Durga, its a tiny restaurant near MIT in Kothrud! Their cold coffee is reallllllly good! Some days later, October 2008, Chicago After the world premier of ‘Truth in 24’… RFB: Awesome! RBM: Brilliant! May 2009, Pune RFB: Lassi is awesome! Mr Bean: Go … More #247 Awww Deee Cold Coffeee in the life of RFB!

#219 News Flash: Mumbai Blasts / Shootouts

There have been several shootouts and blasts in Mumbai city on the night of 26th November 2008. For any updates and details, please click on the link below: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=mumbai Else you could also visit: http://www.ibnlive.com http://www.ndtv.in A lot of people are networking and news and updates are spreading fast. Blogs and microblogging platforms like Twitter … More #219 News Flash: Mumbai Blasts / Shootouts

#194 Like A Child

It takes a sub conscious mind to reach the point of thoughts where you are yourself, where you are Just Yourself and nothing else, and there is nobody around. No sounds you can hear, no smells you can smell, nothing. It is just you and the vastness of the cosmos. It takes nothing but music to move you, nothing but innocence to touch you. … More #194 Like A Child