November 16th, 2013

Life will never be the same again. Switching on the TV right after getting up, happened for the last time today. In less than 5 minutes, I was in tears. If you did not cry today, you will perhaps never cry in your life – for all the rest of us mere mortals, our reactions … More November 16th, 2013

#224 Farewell…

And Guru (for the amazing talks of everything starting from China to Peru, vada-pav to chai-at-a-tapri, NCC to ‘bakch**di’…), Anna, Chris (on the Metra), Jing, Sally, Liliana (whom I may never meet again), Kunal, Riya and everybody else… I know there are many more… Thanks, Goodbye… 23340.9466

#192 The Million Colours In My Mind

It’s been almost twenty three years and a half… I’ve been through stages of life, places on earth, people in the world… I’ve done things, been at places, met people, seen imageries, heard sounds, this, that… I’ve had memories. I’ve stored them well. Not in buckets or ibibos, but deep in my mind or deep in my heart. And even today, when I close my eyes in the dark, I can … More #192 The Million Colours In My Mind