Feel alive bathing at the Strawberry Park Hot Springs in Colorado

So here I am continuing to write on the adventure bathing experiences I’ve had in the last few years. I know a few people who do not enjoy bathing, but for me it is a complete joy. Even at home I try to create varying bathing experiences each day to distance myself from the monotony. … More Feel alive bathing at the Strawberry Park Hot Springs in Colorado

Red dot

I  often pinged people on Gtalk only to get a reply “Hey I am busy right now, ttyl.” At other times, I have waited entire days and weeks at stretch to hear back from someone who messaged me on Facebook that he/she will give me a call ‘tonight’. This happened mostly during my hostel days, … More Red dot

Things to do?

Well well, I have been going around telling everyone that I need 8 days a week! And that is pretty much true. So let me explain. Basically, I need a 3 days weekend for myself. That is to do all the wonderful things that I really want to do on a weekend. One full day, … More Things to do?

#276 Phatphati

Stree: Yahan se left RFB: Are you sure? Stree: Haan bey! Stree: Bass bass, yahin pe rok de RFB: Gatcha! Stree: Do I need to sign the roster?!!?? Sometime before that: Rickshaw: Raja, raja, raja… %#@%@ @^#%$%#@ @# #@%#2 Stree: Appu Raja! RFB: Really? Man, you have awesome memory! Stree: \m/ RFB: Does it sound … More #276 Phatphati

#253 Melody of life

He was sitting on his beloved wooden rocking chair in the middle of the room with high ceiling and white washed walls. There was the old fan from his youth rotating above his head, slowly like a crank shaft, greyed much like the remaining few hair on the back of his head. The window was … More #253 Melody of life