Bavaria in Spring

The first time I visited Munich, was in January 2012. It was super cold around -20 C, and every place had a white blanket. There was not much to see or do, except – snow of course! Here are a couple pics from winter: But then, it was time to visit again… this time, much … More Bavaria in Spring

#205 Evanston

So here I am, far far west this year! Flew to Chicago on Sep 15th for office work and it seems I would be here for a few months before going back to Indo. Where I stay and work is located by the shore of Lake Michigan, the largest fresh water lake completely inside USA. … More #205 Evanston

#135 Inha – WOW

Korean Air B727-200, This aircraft is kept inside the campus, yes INSIDE the campus. Its not a pic of the airport!Cockpit of the B727-200 Inside the B727-200, with its care taker!This is the huge Dormitory………. The ____ and the ____ A very ‘love‘ly place in the heart of the campus