#140 Sports at INHA

Football game amongst students of Dept of Electrical Engineering. Professor played too!!This is him… Yunseong… Running for life… “V for Victory” is the most common pose Koreans give while being photographed! The orange team won… The blue team lost badly :( This is girls playing a game like Baseball, but using their feet to kick … More #140 Sports at INHA

#138 Welcome to Korea

This is my professor at INHA University. Professor Dong Jun WonWelcoming me to Korea: Three Cheers! Three Cheers: Take One Three Cheers: Take Two Three Cheers: Take Three Professor with an undergraduate student… the only girl in her class.. pretty famous hence… Jo Ara

#135 Inha – WOW

Korean Air B727-200, This aircraft is kept inside the campus, yes INSIDE the campus. Its not a pic of the airport!Cockpit of the B727-200 Inside the B727-200, with its care taker!This is the huge Dormitory………. The ____ and the ____ A very ‘love‘ly place in the heart of the campus

#129 Welcome to INHA

The INHA Univeristy’s High-Tech Center. My lab is on the 3rd floor. This is the lake near Back Gate. To the left is student cafeteria. This is the back gate of INHA university.Please click on the pics to see larger image.

#126 Hi Korea…

This happens to be my first ever trip beyond the shores of India. And what a pleasure it is… May 5th, 2007, 3:30 am KE-656 BOM-ICN Korean Air Flight. I am fortunate that there exists a direct flight from Bombay to Incheon. 6.5 hrs non-stop, over the Himalayas, over the Great Wall of China, over … More #126 Hi Korea…