#247 Awww Deee Cold Coffeee in the life of RFB!

October 2008, Evanston RFB: Vada paav, Pune! Guru: You should go to Durga, its a tiny restaurant near MIT in Kothrud! Their cold coffee is reallllllly good! Some days later, October 2008, Chicago After the world premier of ‘Truth in 24’… RFB: Awesome! RBM: Brilliant! May 2009, Pune RFB: Lassi is awesome! Mr Bean: Go … More #247 Awww Deee Cold Coffeee in the life of RFB!

#199 De-caffeinated!

It just happened starting a few weeks back, that I started consuming too much of coffee with the aim to stay awake in the afternoon training sessions at job. Before this, I would never touch coffee, tea or any aerated drink after 3 or 4 pm. Caffeine, as I knew it, would affect my sleep … More #199 De-caffeinated!