In The Kitchen

Mango Vanilla Milkshake
Yummy milkshake recipe that is great for a filling breakfast or dessert!

Frothy Caffe Latte with a French Press
Easy to make, low in calories, have it anytime of the day!

Crispy Honey Chicken
Many calories, moderately difficult, sweet and spicy recipe for dinner.

New York Style Bagels
Awesome crispy-outside, soft-inside NY style bagels, perfect for brunch!

Fluffy American Pancakes
Best pancakes in the world can be cooked and consumed in 10 minutes flat, any time of the day!

Healthy Apple Basil Omelette
Healthy omelette for breakfast cooked with onions, apple, basil and chilly
I hope to make all my recipes healthy for you, though there are some I just cannot do much about ;) The attempt in all cases is to give you a healthier option, or to warn you to stay away!

Roasted Chicken, Asian Style
Easy to make, amazing roasted chicken that will become an instant favorite amongst your guests! A recipe that you simply cannot go wrong with.

Delicious Chocolate Chip Scones
Easy to bake, fragrant and perfect with afternoon tea!

Sesame-Orange Grilled Chicken
Unique grilled chicken recipe, kinda sweet, kinda spicy, and very crispy!

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