Have feet, will travel

Places I’ve lived:
IndiaHyderabad, India – Vadodara | MumbaiKolkata | KharagpurPuneHyderabad

United States – Evanston, IL | Los Angeles, CA

South KoreaIncheon


Places I’ve visited:
South KoreaUzbekistan | Hong Kong | Cambodia | Indonesia | Thailand | Singapore | Turkey | Japan

Germany | Austria | Hungary | Czech | Italy | Denmark | Sweden | TurkeyBavaria, Germany

United States:
Chicago | North Chicago | New York | San Francisco | Denver | Steamboat Springs | Vail

New Zealand:
Auckland | Paihia | Taupo, Rotorua, Waitomo (#)

Sikkim | Maharashtra | Goa | Rajasthan | Karnataka | Madhya Pradesh
Udaipur, Rajasthan And a lot of other territories that I haven’t blogged about :)


#Pending Travelogues :(


17 thoughts on “Have feet, will travel

    1. Shalini, This is just the beginning. The places I have always dreamed of visiting are not even close to this list.. Hope to reach those places too!!

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