A world full of con artists

There is very little risk, but there’s very little return in you asking me to go to gym everyday * I couldn’t open my window * The Mother We Share will never keep your proud head from falling * Lemon, be nice to me! *  Already steps ahead of me * Are we gonna miss the Sakura? * No, it is bottomless sake * But I like Coldplay * Na-Oki * You shouldn’t call her a girl, she isn’t in her teens, she’s a woman! * I’m gonna skydive from 18000 feet today! * Just overthinking everything * I think I prefer Korean BBQ over Japanese BBQ * But the sake’s from a carton *  My 3 words about you are pretty accurate :) * Where can I find someone to install a bidet at my place * He’s working without his phone right now * Do you wanna go eat breakfast with us tomorrow? * Egg-Slut * She deleted my Venmo account * And how do you say Goodbye in Indian? * Arigato * You should go to Lady Chocolat and buy yourself a nice Affogato * Just call me Ditto * I am disappointed you won’t be interning with me * And now I can’t close the effin window! * We should print a photo book! * Yeah this isn’t as easy as I thought it was * My right knee has a bandage and the left ankle is sprained, also my phone broke – so never text while walking down the stairs! * Blessings * Indian isn’t a language, you mean Hindi? * I don’t feel like talking to large groups of people any more * I want to 3D-print antibodies * This time we really need to go to Griffith, let’s just take an Uber * All the world’s a stage * The Cranberries are performing in SF and in LA, both on exactly the same dates as Coldplay! Why?! * Do you want to go for a run at 6 in the morning? * Is it ironic that we based our case recommendation on the highest NPV but the submission was under the lecture on “not for profit” models * You just smacked him, what were you thinking * Will you book the hotels quickly? Your OCD is costing us money! * I’ve set up a ship alarm as my morning alarm * This is the worst quarter ever, especially because I opted to sign up for all the things that are crashing on me, including three 8am classes * FML * Why did you order all this food, I am just gonna eat my bagel, egg and cheese * But that isn’t a cuckoo, it is the pedestrian crossing beeping and I’m going crazy * Let’s go eat Biryani today * My heart feels heavy * She always orders so much and then I have to finish it all * I will tell everyone after Spring break :) * She mailed me and asked me not to be rough with you, haha * Soba, in cold water, with hot shrimp tempura, amazing * The Four Horsemen, Now You See Me? * I don’t know what I will be doing for 6 weeks after my internship ends * Can you share your cheat sheet with me please? * Cause everybody in this world is a con artist, including you, including me! Can this be true? What if this is true? What? Really? No! Oh no! *




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