A fresh bagel has just arrived…

I am nice * One more corn dog for me please * So do you call your wife everyday? * Come join me only if you bring the foods * Why do you get your own pingpong bat in a zipper? * I have been Americanized * Look how happy he is without me * Nobody does it like Sara Lee * A fresh bagel has just arrived * He left his wife back home in India for the MBA program * Here’s the code to get $10 off your first food order; please use my code * Look at the stars, look how they shine for you * Are you ignoring me? * There are no jobs in my country * Let’s go to karaoke and play darts * This dinner is on us * You are my best friend man,  everybody else is a douchebag * Were you the one who came down to pick up free food from UberEats a few days back? * We’ve been going to the beach pretty much every week, sometimes twice * What are you smoking? * Will you take me to Koreatown? * Hire me or marry me * I started listening to that Latin song off your Spotify feed and got addicted * Your food snaps on Instagram are killing me, next time you go somewhere, let me know * Look how happy he is without me * Dear member, your EPF has been credited in your account * I am going on a double date tonight, but next time, let me know * Ditto * #allieincali * I’ll be at Kinross, do you want to catch up for breakfast at 9 on a Sunday morning? * We got noodles * Why are you stalking people sitting at home on a Friday night? Shouldn’t you be dancing with us in a club * Do you have SHIP? Then let us get a few x-rays done * Oh, you are the group Administrator * I will be with you soon * Oh man, they’ve already started making you send these out * Can we do Facetime today? I need to take your appointment to even talk to you * It is also know as the University of Spoilt Children * I have a teddy bear at home, and he’s sleeping on my bed * What’s your real name? Then what’s your nick name? * @jingyuyuyuxu * Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? * ㅋㅋㅋ *


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