To Los Angeles!

I had to make a very tough decision as every choice I had, carried the same potential to lead me to success in my desired professional and personal journey. It is a great feeling to get three admits and two scholarships, and it is a better position to be in than receiving no admits at all! So the quick update here is that with a very heavy heart, I have declined admits from Michigan Ross and Duke Fuqua and have decided to accept the Merit Fellowship and enroll at UCLA Anderson!


I went through numerous chats and phone calls to people who graduated from those three schools to arrive at a decision. However, it turned out eventually, that the decision was largely driven by the fact that I wanted to be on the West Coast, especially post-MBA,and that the scholarship I received would reduce my pay-back period significantly!

Also, being closer to Roshnai will hopefully not send our personal lives for a toss :) You know the toll a two-year MBA can take on that! All in all, we are glad, and our families are happier than us.

The next two years could be very exciting as I become a student again, make new friends with diverse and very smart people from all over the world, move to a new country and make a fresh start! The only worrisome thing right now is the 7am classes that I dread. I honestly do not remember waking up before 7am (except to catch flights) in the last 10+ years.

Applying to US MBA programs is a journey in itself and two people who deserve a big thank you are Roshnai, and Nupur. Completing 5 solid applications in a span of 1.5 months, wouldn’t have been possible without them. Nupur was very helpful in refining my applications and thereby helping me get complete clarity on questions such as ‘why MBA’ and ‘why now’. Through numerous iterations on my essays, some of which were completely discarded, she patiently added comments ensuring I refined them enough to bring out my experiences and inspirations. She also helped me with access to people in my preferred domain who had recently graduated from top MBA programs in the US. Talking to them definitely helped me refine my post-MBA goals, and also take a decision post the admits. I would strongly recommend Nupur to anybody applying to US MBA programs, especially if you are based in India. Nupur is a thorough professional with deep understanding of what top business schools look for, and how to overcome the weaknesses of typical Indian applicants.


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