Where are your angels?

I was tossing around in the night when I suddenly realised that it wasn’t that late, my watch was set to another time zone! * You will get 740, I think – please tell me that I will get 780 * Baahubali Baahubali * Tum yahan pe sign karke do, that you will religiously follow the diet plan this time * Where are your angels? * What? Tell me again! I don’t believe you * 25 days to go * Kahan ja raha hai? * Naag saap ka boy –  You mean Bhai? – No, naag saap ka boy * I was driving at just 150 kmph when my tyre burst * Do you understand the business? Nobody understands the business * Coding toh uske baye haat ka khel hai, sorry, baye haat ka * 770! * When are we meeting? * Nanga karungi tujhe main, Monopoly me * 4 lac rupiah only * Happy Birthday! * I want you to be happy (tap tap) * Turbulence me fat-li thi uski * Keep smiling * Tuka-Shu ki budday party hai * OCD hai kya bey? * What a great problem to have! * It is really not a tough decision *  There are no levers for us to negotiate with them, the word is out * You will do a photoshoot for us, right? * Bali! * Chaddi chahiye * I want to make a career in healthcare * West Coast dude * Other boats go after the Dolphins, but I wait here, may be Dolphins come to me * I hope you won’t knock me off * When you have your lunch, think about me, please do not forget me * You always have fun things to eat at your desk * Hi Kutta, we are in Kuta! * I like it how you see my Whatsapp messages but do not reply – I do not like how you see my Whatsapp notification and do not bother to even read the messages * No meat, no chicken, no fish, only veggies – lots of onions, capsicum, tomatoes, and may be egg * Boom boom in the front * You should always do what your heart wants to do * I will take you over the broken roads to depreciate your car’s value, and then buy it from you – Dude, you will end up spending that money you save on maintenance! * From Mumbai? * Am I Fuqua bound? * Tips sir, for your happiness * I’ll scare him with my mouse, but for now lets make a superman * Since last three days we have been coming down for breakfast before you guys :D * Mom donated her purse to someone, with cash, credit cards and her new phone * We are pleased to offer you 45,000 dollars for each year, that should help you make a decision *

And life goes on…


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