Hau, a little bit here and a little bit there

She was hot today, hot headed – before you think about other vague things in life. But when we crossed our paths, I knew it was her. Thought I would call out Hey, but then I let her go. Because today, is a bad clothes day. The day when I wear a white trouser for who knows why, which fits me tight, and a tighter black shirt to go along with it? This is the day when I feel like I am dressed like Jeetu, perhaps in a bright yellow trouser and a fluorescent green shirt. But no, the fit of the dress isn’t an issue today. Well, not as much. It is some of the things I like to keep close to myself. Yes, such as the steering wheel of the car? Or maybe my working desk? How about a notebook? Oh and those lovely mechanical pencils I cannot do without, in 2B. Why you ask? I will tell you. These things stay close to me, almost body hugging. And they are not best of friends with this lovely white trouser of mine.

Well, who cares. Me does. Ask my wife. But what about the fit? Isn’t the fit an issue here? No, the “feat” is an issue here. The feat is that I will carry on with this, same way, for the rest of the day! Which means, I have to go through almost 6 hours of desk work, 2 hours of meetings, 1 hour of lunch and other miscellaneous coffee breaks and what not! The point is, on white, spots stand out – but – to a new onlooker, only if you show them in the first place. See that dent on the side of my white car? Yes, now you will always see it first thing you meet me! See that pencil mark near the right pocket? Yes? You do? Oh you see some more scratch marks? How about the faint blob of an outline that impressed itself when the steam decided to randomly blow out of the coffee machine on its own while I was still busy picking up a cup and deciding what to drink?

Oh time flies, no my teacher told me that time doesn’t fly – we fly through time! Whatever, the point is, it is just mid day right now, and there still are a few long hours that I will be stuck in these white trousers before I get to change into something more comfortable, something more relaxing, more spacious, airy, roomy? Yeah whatever you want to call that.

I just hope, today, I do not end up being called “Haule”, in the true Hyderabad fashion. Today, I hope I do not spill any biryani on the white fashion element, nor any of the famously sticky sweet Irani chai!

Yours Truly

Le Hau


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