One green tea please! With sugar?!?

1 tsp vinegar in a cup of water after getting up * Have you watched Biryani aur Haleem? * Zohra ko call kar! * Let’s play badminton today * Saunf ka paani? * I don’t even know how to go about talking to anyone about it * Meeting at 10:30am on Sunday in Club House * Aisa kuch bhi nahi hota, Sir, aap bas chalao * Planning for the next vacation * Let’s get him, daddy! * I am gonna become a Monk, I am fed up of all the material pleasures *  Let us go to the terrace and set up the telescope * But you aren’t eating anything! * Can you order me a charger too? * Did I ever tell you my uncle’s monkey ran away from the zoo? * Yeah that’s quite a catchy song! * Let’s have Maggi today? You make it for me with a poached egg on top * This tastes terrible – Well I love it! * Why can’t you come and spend more days with us? * Green Tea, with sugar!? * Can you come? * Listen to this, what does this sound like? * I don’t like that, stop that! * Yeah she’s gone to Dharamshala for a week, all by herself * What are your plans for the weekend? * Aada, tune daga diya! * She thought I was a “she” * The guy who sits next to you, is she there? * Please send YOU from India for us, but that doesn’t seem possible till may be next time? * Yeah but I don’t go knocking people around in my sports car * Biryani and Haleem counter at GreenPark? * One more social media mention and sales is an eventuality! * I am going. Don’t tell anyone. If you hear from someone else, express surprise! * Your car is like the Batmobile * Goa chaloge? * Siddiqui Kababs tonight – let us go fetch a whole bird * This is brilliant, URJA to you * Ridiculed Ishant Sharma ridicules English batsmen * Bai made veg manchurian, and veg biryani – you mean pulao rice? * You paid Rs 100 to attend a meeting? That on a Sunday morning? How could you? * Aada, maidan me aa, tujhe dekhti hoon * I have resigned * I absolutely love ice creams and chocolates, but I’ve given up on chocolates for this year * I am very tense, don’t you understand? * Aapke paas aur ek gaadi hai kya? 14% tax bharna padega * I asked you to get 4 onions, you got 6 – but they are small ones – they still are SIX! – how does it matter? * Saab’s crush from Italy * 1 tsp vinegar in a cup of water before going to bed *

… and life goes on :)


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