You got to listen!

I love Katy Perry! Ever since I heard her music for the first time while traveling in cabs in Chicago, way back in 2008! She is awesome, looks great and sings well! I have almost all her songs on my phone. I also enjoy Rihanna’s music, especially when she comes out as a feature on someone else’s album – Coldplay, Eminem, anyone! And I do have Lady Gaga on my music drive all the time! Yes, when it comes to contemporary music, these three really complete the pack (no Miley Cyrus please!).

However, since I do follow the Billboards Top 50 religiously every Friday, I keep coming across a lot of not so popular songs, that sound really great to me! So three such other female singers or should I say musicians, have taken up the top of my playlist recently. Two of them surprisingly are not yet 18 and they aren’t American! But when they sing, they create a brilliant atmosphere! The melodies are very hummable, the songs are infinitely loop-able, and the videos are so much more watchable!

These three awesome ladies are:

1. Birdy (real name – Jasmine van den Bogaerde) from UK

2. Lorde (real name – Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connon) from NZ

3. Sara Bareilles from US

Birdy and Lorde are not even 18 yet and look at the talent they bring in! All three of them write their own songs, and mostly they also make their own music. Listen to their songs on your music player, or watch the videos on Youtube, or watch them perform live in a crowd or on a TV show, they will blow you off!

Here are three videos that will hook you to them!

Lorde and Sara Barellies have got more than 1 Grammy 2014 nominations each, and it is just a matter of time before Birdy joins them :) Also, you wouldn’t find any of them showing cleavage in any of their videos! Nor in their photos!


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