Mera wala blue, and other things!

So some of you would remember what I did last summer, or what happened with me last summer! Anyway, the fallout of that was that we ended up buying a new house in Hyderabad! We got a ready to move flat, luckily, but could not stay any longer in the rented house, unfortunately. Unfortunate, because it meant we had to move into this apartment without the woodwork being done. It was a mess, you should have seen the house! 29 boxes, 29! Almirahs, suitcases, desks, beds, sofas, computers, utensils, appliances, everything moved into a well sized 1200 sft brand new place, WITHOUT any cupboards or shelves to put things into! We lived in that mess, for a good two months before the woodwork came to a 95% completion! Imagine all the sawdust getting into the boxes and appliances and everywhere? And having to dust clean the house each night after the carpenters went? Don’t! We eventually had to stop the work and ask them to leave the last 5% unfinished, that’s how fed up we were! So anyway! We left for our annual vacation soon after and forgot about the troubles that we had :) Unfortunately, when we were back, I still felt like living in a house that was cold, may be unwelcoming, but ours!

The next few months till last were spent in arranging those cupboards, figuring out the best way to arrange the furniture in the house, getting rid of a LOT of emotional baggage (ideally this should have happened right before moving, actually it did, we just need to keep doing this regularly), getting the builder to fix a couple of serious plumbing issues (touch wood please?), and of course, figuring out how to make the house feel like home! We still had a way to go, because two houses, two loans, two liabilities! So we put up my Pune house for sale. Luckily we found a buyer soon, though with a small compromise on the price. No loss made, we sold it off. It was a pretty house on the top floor of a high rise with a beautiful view, but it had become a white elephant! That got funds flowing back into our accounts and stress out of it!

All these months we also visited wallpaper vendors and paint contractors to figure out how best to do the house up. I love wallpapers! I’ve seen them on TV, I’ve seen them abroad… they look lovely! We scanned hundreds of wallpaper samples and even booked someone to come and plaster our walls. Then we saw these textured walls in a paint catalogue and fell in love! We wanted colour, we wanted brightness. I was really fed up of the ivory plastered walls the builder had given. They were dirty after the woodwork and plumbing! They needed fresh paint and that is what they got! We chucked the idea of wallpapers and went ahead with colouring up the house! She chose shades of orange, I chose blue, we chose red, I chose elephant skin colour (that turned out to be olive green)… we fought, we chose, we discarded, we ordered and finally one fine day earlier this week, our walls were done :) They looked fresh, they looked clean! Turned up the lighting to warm, and we finally got our ‘home’! 

Watch this, may be?


5 thoughts on “Mera wala blue, and other things!

  1. Thats a coincidence… we are in a similar state… living amidst sawdust :(
    But the feeling is awesome… Our OWN House!!!!!

    Congratulations to both!!!

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