Video end-of-year reviews!

So Roshnai gifted me a Nexus 5 on my birthday :D Wow, what a phone! This is absolutely the best phone I have used till date, and do not see how any contemporary phone can get any better than this! And the next thing I saw on it was a video, that Google had secretly pulled together with all the photos I had clicked over 2013 on my old Android phone, the Galaxy Nexus! I keep Google+ photo backup on, and Google had been secretly working on them to give me this surprise!

So watch this:

This is great! The video makes me feel good about last year, and I need to, especially since Roshnai has been quite upset about my sad 2013 reviews!

However, it doesn’t yet come close to the video I had put together last year same time, with all the photos I had clicked at all the places I had been to in 2012! And I had travelled a lot! I miss some of the places – I miss Prague, I miss Copenhagen, Tegernsee, Salzburg, and I do do do miss Istanbul! Have you seen this video already? No? Watch it! Full screen, with music on! :)


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