Not that long ago…

Nahi ho raha hai na, isiliye * 200 * Yaar assignment ke chakkar me fas gaya hoon * Bhaiiya kitne baar phone karu aapko? Kuch professionalism hai ki nahi? * You can be the backlash of someone’s lack of love * One bit there and one bit here * Aditya Marathe aap hi hain? Aapke khilaaf section 402 aur 420 ke tehet Delhi High Court mein case register ho gaya hai * Enjoy * I yap a lot! * Mera gala daba yaar, bahut dard kar raha hai! * Aadi! Go! * Very very very very good * Do you want boom boom? * Cheppandi Sir * Aada, are you there? No, I am here, sleeping. Then who’s that! * Hello how are? Khana khake jana haun? * 75th random friend request on FB by unknown Indonesian girls! * Rangu ki shaadi mein milte hain * Have you ever tried CTRL+ALT+DOWN?? * Happy Birthday Senorita! * Abhi bhi every Saturday Sunday morning jhatkas matkas chal rahe hain * Sab log 500-500 rupieh nikalo * Got hired by ZS again :D * Aada, packing kar ke de na * Irish Bailey is the best form of alcohol * I want to do my candid photography, please tell me rate * I love you too darling, but now I am going back to India * Kaun hai? Chor! * Can you transfer me 20k for this month, please? * When are you starting your diet again? * Unable to choose between texture paint and wallpapers * Dustbin * Got stuck! In traffic? No, Excel! * Ab pata chala mujhe overnight bus mein neend kyun nahin aati? * Please play me The Scientist, I will sing along! * Transfer me the money right now! * Jai Mata Di * Acc/Rej? * Tujhe good news deni hai! Shadi kar raha hai kya? * Hindostan? Looking looking! Raj Kapoor? Shokh Rukh Khon?* Aaj tu lights off karegi, main toh ghus gaya blanket ke andar! * Vote for NaMo * You and your blog did not let me work today * Ice cream khane chale? * Hey can you tell what this is? Yes, it is a petticoat! See I told you! * The real reason to visit Uzbekistan was to stay at Amelia Boutique Hotel * She looks just like you! No? Okay! * Dino * Sirf mere liye gifts leke aana US se, nothing for anyone else * This is what you do when you run out of souvenir space on your refrigerator * Aanando, kaisa hai sale? * It IS lonely at the top * Warm lights please * T Nagar * You don’t understand * Psychiatrist * What does he do man? * You look nothing like this anymore * Kapde! * You are great, but I am gratefulest! * Google Pan Mazza vs Yahoo Mouth freshner * 7 baje ke pehle mat aana please, humein sona hota hai * Now all you need is a big LCD TV to match your cabinet * Where do we travel next? * Kondhwa mein mera ek flat hai, kisi ko khareedna hai? * I don’t have anyone to talk to the whole day, it feels lonely * Outlook 2013 is awesome * Is it a leakage or a seepage? * India retires hurt *


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