Gujju mein baat kar usse, life set ho jaegi teri!

I like you only little little * Kuch spicy khane ka mann kar raha hai * Aur bata, hows work? * I had got the highest marks in Marathi, in school * Geddata karo Sir, Get Data karo! * Tichi shitti wazli * Bhaiyya ek Mango cone aur ek Anjeer cup dena * Clocked 160kmph for the first time and what stability! * No Boss! * Mangoes kyun nahin aa rahe market me? * 1 M = 10 Lacs * Can Sir Ravindra Jadeja finish the game for India? * YOLO * How many zeroes did you put in the Crore? * Akka – S.I.S.T.E.R. – Sister, Nakka – F.O.X. – Fox, Kukka – D.O.G. – Dog * I got a DELL, no Lenovo for me :( * Naat, scootera * Is it Quora as in Kora, or Quora as in Que-ora? * Check out Amelia Boutique Hotel in Bukhara * Behind Harley Davidson showroom in Banjara Hills * I saw 17 peacocks today, including 4 peahens. KBR Rocks! * Usse Gujju mein baat kar, life set ho jaegi teri *Can you please call the pest control guy? * It is Jaliyan-wala Bagh not Jallian-wala Bagh as taught in Maharashtra Board History text books * Yippe * I am scared * I think we need to learn Telugu, no, they need to learn some Hindi, come on! * I want to study, please ask me Fill In The Blanks or True/False * Last day kab hai? * Chal futt * That defining moment when a spec of dust gets stuck under the “Ctrl” or “Alt” key on your laptop’s keyboard * I won’t let you guys go till you dance with me * Where do you stay? Dilshukh Nagar? Wow, that must be far! * Samba! * My wife wants to visit Serengeti *Yaar mere ghar pe phone ka network nahin aata, landline pe call karna * Somehow whenever I take such by-lanes, I always end up at a dead-end, and you are always able to find your way out! * Repu? Sayantram? Aaa * 2 people voted up your answer to the question: “What do people eat for breakfast outside of the US?” * Aee namak shamak, namak shamak, aa-haa-haa *  So much pending work, so many things to do, procrastination is a terrible thing * Tu agle janam me kya banegi? Non-living things bhi chalenge! * Nigella is food porn. She isn’t just food porn, she is also, porn! * Bol Raja * There is a ban on eating rice * Sahi, congratulations :) AK kya bola? * Aaj tu fir lights off karna bhool gaya office jate time * Dear Aditya Ji * You don’t like pan? You mean Paan? * I thought you were in LA, that is Los Angeles. I had no idea it meant Learning Academy! *  There are some new sushi restaurants in Hyderabad * Is this your iPhone5? It was lying in my room! * Please dial 1 for banking, please dial 2 for credit cards. Sorry, we did not understand your input. Please try again, else hang up * Do you want an input? * Chal bye *


7 thoughts on “Gujju mein baat kar usse, life set ho jaegi teri!

  1. pigu ki gupi? * chal finance karte hain! * main bhool gaya :( * let’s go on a long drive * cancel kar! * jaa na office! * chaddar daal ke de! * coffa!!! * chal tickets book karte hain * weekend ka kya plan hai? * aaj cycling nahin karne ka * ok writing test today * got stuck! in traffic? no excel! *

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