What makes you happy?

Writing a blog post can be tough if you haven’t done that in a while. The last time I wrote was almost 2 months back! A lot of things happened over the last two months.

First, I changed jobs! Yes – it took me a while to make a decision, but I was pretty firm about it. This new job is my third in 5 years. Who talks about too many switches ruining your career? I don’t think so. Have heard about it, but haven’t come across cases yet. As long as you are in the same domain, and doing better work than before, constantly learning and contributing more with time, there seems to be no problem! Touch-wood!

With the job change, came change of homes. Staying on the outer skirts of the city was not helping us, even though it was one of the best places to stay at. We moved closer to my workplace, actually we found a place midway between mine and hers. Banjara Hills. Fancy name, isn’t it? Yeah yeah. Ask me about it. It is fun living closer to the happening places in the city. Not that we have been making the most out of it, but it is still cooler on the liters of petrol you save every weekend!

We have been spending precious hours every evening after getting back home, searching the internet for cheap fares all around the world. Can you believe that we haven’t yet decided where we will travel this year, or when. By this time last year, we had already come back from the most amazing trip to Istanbul. I had also made a trip to frozen Europe just before that. This year seems dry. We just came back from a road trip to Suryalanka. Surya what? Yes, Suryalanka. It is a tiny little beach (long, but largely cordoned off due to the presence of Air Force Station) with just one pretty mediocre AP tourism resort (that charges you a bomb). Okay, it was relaxing, and the drive was a lot of fun, but a slightly cleaner beach and a slightly better resort would have made me immensely happier. We plan to do two more trips this year. One, preferably to north India in summer, and then one outside India, sometime in the last quarter of the year.

So what makes you happy? Long drives like we do? Sitting on a beach and watching the waves hit the shore endlessly till the sun goes down? Dancing your night away to loud beats? Talking to your friends? Or eating an ice-cream? Cats?

Remember my last post,  ‘People, Always’? It was about how people end up making you happy or sad, it was about how people end up teaching you something for life, whether you like it or not. But I recently came across a song, which emphasizes that it isn’t always people you can hold responsible to make or break your day, but you yourself! Go “watch” this video, don’t just listen to it. This video makes me happy for some reason. Just as I told you last time that good conversations make me happy, good music also makes me happy!

P.S.  To get a feel of the newly launched Google Play Books for Indian android users, I started reading Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. Read about 100 odd pages during the days off at Suryalanka. The story seemed so engaging that I could not resist checking the synopsis and character outlines, online. That is when it dawned on me that the novel is almost 1500 pages long, with the abridged version itself running beyond 600 pages. Killing my curiosity, I moved over to YouTube to watch the 4 hour long epic 1958 movie, based page-to-page on the novel. It took me 3 sessions over a span of 3 days to finish watching the movie. It left me touched, and not really feeling miserable. I went back to the book and read the last 50 pages, in a fitting finish to my overwhelmed emotions! And this, I realized, is the best way to read a book and also watch a movie based on it!


10 thoughts on “What makes you happy?

  1. What an interesting way to read a long book! :)

    Congratulations on the new job and finding a place to live in that offers you both the convenience of lesser travel to the workplace! Nothing like it!

    Never heard of Suryalanka. Thanks for enlightening me!

    This year seems to be extremely dry for us on the travel front, too. Not a single trip so far this year – not even to Mysore. Last year, I’d already gone on 2 trips by this time and the 3rd was in the offing!

  2. Wah! 3 jobs in 5 years…thats not a bad track record eh?

    you stay at Banjara Hills! I heard its ekdum posh and all that :)

    Suryalanka – I havent heard of that before…you are reading Les Miserables wow! I cant imagine reading that honestly

  3. Haha nice one! Yes last 2 months were pretty exciting! So many new things to get used to and yes change is gud :) looking forward to more trips soon…yeyyyyyyy

  4. Welcome back!
    Banjara Hills is super-posh, forget about just sounding so :)
    And no, it doesn’t make sense that you’ve not planned your trip for the year yet!
    Suryakanka is basically the only beach you can resort to when you want a beach a short while away! The resort is super basic, but manageable entirely :)
    And whoa! Les Miserables and all! I’m impressed much!:)
    I have decided I am doing an off-season Goa trip this year, nothing can stop me, nothing! :D

    1. Even we had a fleeting thought of making a trip to Goa, before we realised that we have done too many beaches and no hills recently :(

      Drop by our Banjara Hills house soon :)

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