People, always!

There is this quaint little place in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, called “LaMakaan”, where you can find me almost every other weekend. You may find me there with a cup of Irani chai, a plate of samosas, a dish of khatti daal, a camera, or just my phone! You may find me there with my family, colleagues, Twitter friends, acquaintances, photographers, bloggers, random people, or just by myself! That place is so pretty, it is almost perfect – perfect for conversations – with yourself, with anyone! If you are the kinds who converse only on GTalk or FB, LaMakaan is still the place to be. Ask why? Because, Free WiFi!

When I was a kid, I was a complete introvert. It would not just get tough, but rather uncomfortable for me to strike a conversation with anyone, forget a stranger. I think I was in that mode pretty much till I graduated from college, and a bit into my first job. I would generally stay away from ‘people’, and much to my own self. Today, I think, I am in a much better position. I think I need to thank social media for that! Facebook, Twitter and the likes, make it easier to connect with people you share similar interests with. Similar interests means something to talk about. No? I think yes.

Everybody is talented. I learnt this at college. What talent each individual has, is best known by that individual himself. When I meet people, all I look for is their talent, all I see is their talent. Recently, I’ve come across a lot of people – at work, at parties, at social gatherings, at meetups, on Twitter, etc. All of them are awesome. Seriously! Now I know a bunch of people who bake great cakes, who write awesome blogs, who click awesome photographs, who know awesome restaurants, who travel to awesome places, who play awesome music, who are awesome fitness freaks… and the list goes on. You know, each of you is awesome! And a good conversation with any of you makes my day.

However, people often don’t know what their talent is, or they knowingly misuse it. Those are the kinds of people that worry me. These are people who don’t know where they are going. People who don’t know what they want from life. Okay I know that Great people discuss ideas. Average people discuss events. Small people discuss people. However, the people I am discussing here, are even smaller. Tiny, really lost in the vastness of the universe. These are the people I meet and wonder how lucky I am. These are the people I pity. These are the people I meet and wonder:

All the lonely people
Where do they all come from?
All the lonely people
Where do they all belong?

You changed your travel plan only so that you could come and stay with me for a day? You cared to go out of your way only to get my favorite perfume from Istanbul? You took me around the city when I had just moved in? You RT’ed my tweet when a friend’s friend’s friend’s wife needed blood in Srinagar? You replied to all my emails asking for help? You made a difference to my life! :)

You managed to lose 15 kilos last year? You have a baby and a full time job and also party every weekend? You climbed some of the highest peaks in the country? You fought a miscarriage? You sang a beautiful song? You made a difference to my life! :)

Talk to me about food, places, photography, health, technology, religion, history, policy, or just about anything under the sun! And I will figure out a way in which you would end up making a difference to my life :)

You all get a warm hug :)

And all you lonely people? Yes, you’ve made a difference too! You’ve taught me to be more cautious. You’ve made me realize that I can’t read people very well in the first interaction. And you’ve given me a chance to do my homework, sharpen my skills and be a better judge. You too, made a difference to my life :)

At the end of the day, it is the people you meet and the people you interact with, who shape the person you are! So, shall we catch up at LaMakaan? :)


19 thoughts on “People, always!

  1. I loved your header.
    I loved the first post i read.
    I loved your words and the way you have put your feelings across.
    I am so glad I found your space from DI blog.
    And I am so regretful for not visiting the place you mentioned during my 18 months stay at Hyderabad
    But next one I m in the city, hope to find you there in person :)

    1. OMG :) Thanks for the love and your comment! Good to know DI is helping me get more visitors each month :D You were in Hyd? Next time you are here, do not miss LaMakaan! Frankly speaking, not many Hyderabadis know about it, so I am not surprised.

      Will surely visit your blog soon!

  2. Came over from RM’s blog. Loved your space. Will surely be back for more. :)

    What a lovely post! It gave me loads of inspiration. I have always been an introvert – I have always found it difficult to strike up random conversations with anyone, leave alone strangers. I have improved over time, but still am a bit of an introvert. Not that I like being this way. I am, in my own way, slowly and gradually, changing. I am now learning to love people, learning what makes them what they are, and often get amazed by all that I get to learn. :)

  3. I was there today with my kids. This is the first time I really hung out there and it has such a fantastic vibe about it. Shall look for you the next time I am there

  4. oh what a lovely post Aditya..its like you made us all feel so so special…I loved the way you have weaved in each different person and their positives…Gah! you got me all sentimental :)

  5. Really nice post :) I know how important good conversation is to you :) Me being an introvert, I don’t mind any type of conversation as long as the r others talking :P Have been at the receiving end of not cultivating hobbies too ;) But seriously, good conversation is very very important but it has to be a 2-way process!

    1. Hehe thank you :) Do you ever see those gravtars your comments generate?

      I am not particularly talking about hobbies, that could be another similar blog post, but conversations! I know, you will soon start loving LaMakaan too :)

  6. :) Love the post! You said the paragraphs were not connecting well enough,but dude, the end result is so beautiful. I kinda relate to the feeling. I am not really seen as an introvert, but over time I have realised that I am particular about who I want to really talk to. It’s seen as attitude, arrogance even, but it is not. It is just that there are very few people who can make me feel at ease, and be myself and say what I want without having to think much.

    And I think, I have met a lot of them through this the virtual world. And I am thankful too that I know all these wonderful people.

    So yep, I know we have the good old cafeteria here, but when is LaMakaan happening? :)

    1. Thanks DI :)
      This post, is part inspired by one of your posts. Your comment means a lot, specially because your writing is an inspiration for me!

      Yes, being perceived as arrogant, or an introvert, both ways people stay away from you. Filters do become necessary at times.

      LaMakaan will, LaMakaan must, happen soon since the good old cafeteria won’t be an option any more :( :)

  7. That was a lovely post, Aditya. People are the ones, I am in blogging for. I love to make friends, meet them and get to know them. And when some turn out to be nasty and not what I thought they were, I learnt my lessons for the next time I went looking for friends. And yes, I would love to come for tea at LaMakaan :) BTW, what does the name mean? :P

    1. Hello :) Thank you!
      You are in Mumbai, aren’t you? Yes, if you ever are in Hyd, we should meet at LaMakaan.
      The name is a kind of portmanteau of the French word “La” which means “The” and the Hindi word “Makaan” which means “House”. (I had actually written this description in the blog post itself, but then took it out at the last moment)

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