Essentially, what I am saying is…

That  – Tiger dikhna jaroori nahin hai, Safari toh Nature aur Adventure ke beech ka khel hai Sir * At management’s discretion * 300 calories in gym enough to digest that entire Dairy Milk Silk I had after lunch no? * Let’s see if Vac’s is open! * Main nahin karoonga! * Choo choo chikka, choo choo chikka! * (C) ? * The best way to experience fun and guilt at the same time is to sleep through the morning and wake up at 1030 am :-) * Kuch toh aawaaz aa raha hai drive belt se * So when is your last day? * The Subway footlong is actually just 11 inches! * Landed, will call you once I reach the hotel * Aaj Monday hai! Aur aap kaise hain? * 100 points to you * The owner has a Merc, which means we would have to park our car on the road * I see you in the gym everyday! * GM. When are we starting? * Tum toh thehre pardesi, sath kya nibhaoge * There is no motivation any more * Ok, let me take a guess! * All my emails are gone, what did you do to my phone? * Toh tu bas 15 minutes tak gyaan de muhje, main chup chap sunoonga * When are we doing the photoshoot? * Which team are you supporting in the Football World Cup? Chelsea, of course! * Tere kaan me paani daloon kya? * Suraj Water Park, Suraj Water Park… * Paradise Biryani everytime I am in Hyderabad * Lisa Haydon, OMG! * Something is wrong with me, I am forgetting things! * How I survived Grad School * Visit Zombo.Com for a free T-Shirt! * Smile bhi nahin kiya mujhe dekh ke! * No Sir, “we” will give you 10% commission for giving us coins! * I don’t drink tea * Mujhe cat chahiye! A furry light brown cat! * Tujhse naaraaz nahin zindagi, hairaan hoon main, pareshan hoon main… * We share the same coffee machine on the floor, hence. * Now accepting donations * Nothing tastes as good as roasted almonds, trust me :) * Look who’s reading! * You will miss my sarcasm of all things. *  50p ki goli * Main peeta nahin hoon, aisa offer karo jo hum dono ke liye faydemand ho * Where did you get this from, man? * I want Ubuntu on my Nexus * England made 326, India could manage only 316 – India lost by 10-dulkar! * I like the Side-Lower seats, as long as they are not near the exit! * I am going to try your recipe today! * You look innocent, certainly you are not! * When will January come to and end? * Let us ask this question on Quora * The sushi at Extreme Sports Bar was just horrible! Never! * Concrete jungles where dreams are made, oh, there’s nothing you can’t do *

… that!


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