An update for my subscribers

Bonjour tout le monde!

I will keep this short and to the point – Starting Feb 8th, this blog hosted on, will only be accessible via the link and no longer be accessible via Let me put it once more – you will reach my blog only via

It is too much for me to renew the domain subscription every year and also the WordPress domain mapping. Henceforth, I will simply let WordPress be where it is!

What does it mean for you? That depends on how you access/reach my blog:

1. If you are subscribed via
No change for you :) Lucky yougaiz!

2. If you are subscribed via Feedburner
No change for yougaiz either!

3. If you have subscribed via feed aggregators such as Google Reader:
Please check your feed URL, and if necessary change it to (Thanks :))

4. If you visit my blog via Twitter or Facebook shares
Going forward you will continue to receive the updates with the correct URL. Most historic links will however not work.

5. If you reach my blog through a Google Search Query result
I am hoping Google Search automatically reverts all blog.aditto links to aditto.wordpress links, since the suffixes will remain the same.

6. If you have linked my blog on your blog, either in a blog post or blog rollI am afraid but you may just need to update the link to (Thanks :))

If you are not yet subscribed to my blog, check the subscription options on the top or in the sidebar on the right. Or just leave your email ID in a comment below.

I hope I don’t lose any regular readers/subscribers with this change. I also hope the number of hits/day don’t go down!

Merci beaucoup :)


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