This part of my life, this little part…

Some days back, I briefly mentioned about my 4th attempt to lose weight.

The first one was way back after class 10th when I joined gym to get rid of the boredom of summer vacation. Obviously it was hopeless, as there was a wonderful bakery right in front of it. Every trip to the gym would add a vegetable puff and sometimes a muffin in my tanker. Did not work. The next attempt happened to be a compulsion to hit the gym and lift some weights. I had pissed off some hostel seniors in my second year at college, and they wanted me to suffer. Seeing my weight, they were confident that I could transform into Mr Muscles and lift weights in the inter-hall (inter-hostel) championships. So, off I was, made to run 2.2 km every morning at 6, and then lift some heavy weights in the gym. Lost 8kg over a period of 3 months. I had hit a local minima and weighed 72kg! Wonderful, I thought. Soon after, life moved on and I got a girl friend (who now happens to be my wife), and like every content man in the world, my happiness reflected best in my belly! At graduation, I was about 84-85kg. Okay, bearable.

First job, and excitement :) Free food, tons of biscuits, juices, bachelor years, eating out everyday. But the biggest “blow” came when I was asked to go to the US and work there for 3-4 months. Jan 2009, I was back and with a very loud bang. 92kg. Unbelievable. Third attempt to lose some weight started with going to the society gym. There was only one treadmill, and a lady (I think she was my neighbour) would keep walking on it at 5kmph for an hour at exactly the same time that I wanted to. My reasons. Anyway.

Rewind many years back, to the late 90s and early 2000s. My dad was after my life to do something about my growing weight. Being a Yoga expert himself, he kept recommending me to do some aasanas, a few every day, to get fitter overall. I ignored, like any growing teenager would. I was happy to eat the sumptuous Gujarati meals in school everyday, and then hog on vadapavs and the like, during junior college years.

However, things changed at the end of last year. I work at a pharma company, and every year we celebrate a Being Healthy week, globally. I was least interested – the cafeteria served good food (better than that at my previous job), and the post-lunch cold coffee from the Georgia coffee machine was the perfect dessert! Then I met a colleague who was working hard to shed some kilos for her wedding. The loss, though small, was visible! I asked, and what happened next led to a much much fitter Aditto 11 months later!

I was recommended to visit a diet consultant, who had helped many in the office lose a lot of weight in a healthy sustainable manner. And I did. The last 11 months have been full of healthy eating, no crash dieting, lots of traveling, lots of walking and very little gymming. I changed what I ate, and how much. Added 30 minutes of walking 3-4 days a week, and that was it! Continued till I hit the plateau late in October, when my body refused to lose any more weight. Since then, it has only been the gym 3-4 days a week, specifically to tone the loosened muscles and burn some more belly fat. I came down from a gross weight of 92kg, to 75kg (and from a waist size of 39in to 34in), though I must add that our target was 67kg. Take a look at the chart below (sorry I cannot keep the nerd in me away from my blog for long) – The left end is Jan 1st, and the right end is Nov 10th. Those little local peaks that you seen on the way down, are my trips to the Nordics, Turkey and Western Europe, Mumbai, Kolkata and Pune… when I ate to my heart’s content :)  The plan was to wrap up in July, but it took much longer due to those breaks.


There is a lot more travel coming up. Heavy food consumption will happen, and the graph may not look good. Hence, today!

Do you remember this blog post I wrote last December ‘Circa 2011’? I had indicated that I would have a New Year Resolution for 2012. My resolution for 2012, was ‘to lose weight’, and weight I lost! It feels good to hear comments from people you do not meet everyday, people you do not talk to often, and people who have only seen you in photos! Okay I also heard comments from friends that they miss the chubby Aditto they knew last year! But trust me, not being chubby, is better than taking a 5/20mg-combination-pill of anti-hypertensives every evening!

All that awesome food you have seen over the last few months on my blog and Facebook timeline, has been consumed by myself! I swear! I haven’t given up on my love for ice creams, or chocolates. I have had the most chocolates ever in my life this year, but I have also had the most amount of chicken ever in my life this year! Oh, and the most number of eggs as well!

We (my diet consultant, and I) will re-start our journey to achieve that final goal of 67kg, but only in the new year! Now I get about one whole month of merry eating, cooling off and giving my body a very well deserved break!

The person who deserves the credit really, for helping me out in a well defined, and organized step-by-step manner, is of course Zohra, my consultant!

Thanks to all you awesome people on Twitter, for having those discussions on healthy lifestyle, better eating and staying fit! Without you guys, it would not have been motivating enough to continue for this long.

Thanks Roshnai, for supporting me and helping me stay focused. Thanks for letting go those twice-a-week restaurant dinners, fancy lunch buffets and yummy desserts. I tried my best to recreate the magic at home :) I know it was frustrating for you at times, but thanks for holding on! *Hugs*

All you awesome branded trousers purchased over the last few years that do not fit me anymore – Thanks for being with me through this journey. It was fun being with you for the last few years. You got to travel a lot with me, didn’t you? I know, even I wasn’t expecting to part with you all this soon, but then I guess, we need to! Alas, your companion shirts and t-shirts would stay back for some more days, while I lose that last bit of belly fat. I hope you find needy and worthy persons to take care of you next year. Au revior, or may be not!

While you guys must look forward to many more healthy and yummy recipes right here, and tips to stay healthy, on Twitter, I am sincerely hoping to stay at this for now, and get fitter next year!

This part of my life, this little part… is called “happiness”!


9 thoughts on “This part of my life, this little part…

    1. Yes, I hear you too :)

      I know it is about being comfortable with what you are, but I cannot give up good health for it :)

      I am just happy to be fitter!

    1. Hehe… actually yes! I think I forgot to mention it, but it all started with a school friend recommending me to buy a weighing scale and start / stop working out on reaching preset thresholds :)

  1. Awwww! Touchwood. I know how you must be feeling! Actually not as much I guess because my while weight gain and loss saga begins in 2011 and ends in 2012. Cheers to your new found happiness and may it stay long and grow!

    1. Thank you DI! :)

      You have no idea how much and how, I’ve hogged in Gujarat… so I am really scared now. But I will stick to my rule and check weight only 4 days (= number of days I spent there) later.


  2. Congrats Aditto :) I am on the same journey myself. Over here we are bombarded with diet advice. No carbs, slow carbs, salads, glycemic indexes, ratios, carbs are the enemy, wheat is the enemy, fat is the enemy, sugar is the enemy, and 923842 diet programs exist, all of which have as their end goal to make the diet creator wealthy. It is all a bunch of bullshit :( I want your diet consultant! I am trying to eat healthy, show self-restraint, exercise a lot, and get up from my chair on a regular basis. I’m five pounds down (3 kg) and I hope to lose a lot more and hope it sticks this time.

    1. Thanks! :)
      I can totally relate to what you are saying!
      It actually came down to getting a good dietician at the end of it all. She is amazing! I am pushing her to create a Twitter profile and get online :)

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