Is winter here already?

Waking up early to remove the dough from the fridge on a cold morning, is a lot of fun. Trust me. I had prepared the dough the previous night and put it in the fridge for its first rise. Today, it is 15 C in Hyderabad and I am feeling quite cold. Happy about this, honestly :) Only thing I am worried about now is that the dough is taking more time than it should for its second rise.

Looks like this is my first ever post on a Diwali day~ So while the dough takes its sweet time to rise, I thought, I’d go online and give you a few updates.

Finally, November is here! I am not very sure why I was waiting for it so long, but I am surely not complaining. The weight-loss programme is finally, over! That means, I am also back to the normal diet I had wayyyy back in 2011. Yes, that is how long it took – could have been much faster had I not traveled so much. And no, I am not getting on the weighing scale till December 1st <rule #1>.

Now talking of traveling, this is the reason why I was waiting for November, may be! I am looking forward to traveling to Kerala and Gujarat this month. If you did not know, I am one who used to collect flight tickets, boarding passes, train and bus tickets etc. Now that I do not do that, I still keep a track of every time I’ve flown. So this month, I will be on my flight numbers 21, 22, 23 and 24, visiting destinations numbered 11 and 12, and 10th new destination (all numbers for 2012 only). Also, while we are at numbers – starting yesterday, each week at work this month will be just 2-3 days long :) Fantastic, isn’t it?

Talking of winter and travel, I am really waiting for our visit to Bandhavgarh and Kanha Tiger reserves in the last week of December. Those places are known to have the highest concentration of tigers in India and thankfully, the government has lifted the ban on tourism. I am sure tourism is doing more good than harm out there! The most exciting thing should however be – camp fires! Can’t remember when was the last time I enjoyed a camp fire. I think it was back in 2004 during the first year NCC camp at Kalaikonda Air Force Base.

Okay, confession of the day is that the bread just got done, and turned out to be a disaster. I should not have used the loaf tin for baking it and should have stuck to using the pan shaped tray instead. Not the best thing to do on a Diwali morning, I say!

Alright, so it is already post noon, and much after I started writing this post today. I will continue in this pseudo present tense, though. Twitter has taken away the joy of blogging about a lot of petit and unimportant-to-everyone-else things such as facts that I just played badminton for an hour and then cooled myself off with a glass of chilled pomegranate juice! Such updates are only for the micro-blogging platform these days. Wattodo?

Anyway, the point is, winter is here, and there is so much to look forward to before we wrap up this year! I had planned to do a Q3 review of 2012 since I had planned to change a few things that did not go so well last year, and wanted to check my progress, but I will just wait and let the year get over. Wait for the photos, and if you want to spend some more time on the question I asked at the end of the last para, you may, but trust me, the answer is still, very much, 42!


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