Being fit, is an adventure, and I am up for it!

Hello hello. Welcome back :)

It was a busy week with plagiarism and all of that. But come on, I love clicking photos and putting them up on my blog and other places. By doing just that much, I cover 3 out of the original 4 Ps – Product, Place, Promotion and then let us simbly replace Price with Photography :). Anyway, that last blog post almost sent me out on an adventure trail. Almost!

Talking of adventure, may be we should just continue where we left a couple of weeks back. Bathing! Outdoor adventures are fun, almost always. Dipping in water and jumping around or simply floating with the fishes adds to more fun! What I am going to share with you today, is a part of another series of blog posts that are running in parallel here and a different kind of adventure bathing experience! Some time back I revealed that I’ve lost about 17 kilos in the last 10 months or so. So much weight loss created some empty pockets in my body, and there was a need to tone it a bit, and give it a shape. That is when Z decided to send me off to a gym!

Let me tell you, this was going to be my 4th attempt to gymming, and losing weight, ever!

The first one was after class 10th, second one was during my second year at college, and third one was in Pune after that 3-months-long trip to the US. (more on this, later!). All those attempts were for the same reason – to lose weight!

So here I am, 2012. Fortunately, this time, the reason to hit the gym was not to lose any weight at all! How many fat-boys-slim can actually say that? Thankfully I can! We got this excellent gym at work and honestly, it is better than most of the paid gyms I’ve seen anywhere. Well, we don’t have a sauna, but it’s okay. 20 minutes of cardio, 15 minutes of weights and 10 minutes of abs, is all I need to trim those deformed organs and bring them to fit those slim-fit shirts I purchased optimistically at the beginning of 2012. And frankly speaking, this is the first time I am actually enjoying this experience. But let me take you to the best part of going to gym.

The shower! Could you have guessed it? May be. I love bathing, that must have been pretty clear to you by now; but bathing in the perfect shower is an altogether different experience. If given enough choices to choose from, I would always stay in a house/hotel that has the best shower fittings in the bathroom – I love it that much, and give it so much importance. The showers in the gym have two basic extremes – boiling hot like in Africa, and freezing cold like in Alaska; and also a range of settings that let us mix and match as per taste ;) Sounds good? It is! Totally! And just so that you know, having a great bath after strenuous gymming, is half the job of relaxation done (for the rest, a quarter comes from a lovely dinner and a quarter from a good night’s sleep)! It is exactly “this” experience of letting every muscle of my body relax and enjoy itself, that makes me as a whole, feel fresh and alive. And do you want me to repeat that being Alive is Awesome?

Oh and by the way, the last few weeks with Cinthol’s blogging campaign have given me much! So much that I don’t need to shop for bathing soaps for the next few months. Here is the gift hamper I received, along with an iPod shuffle (also visible, tiny), and Skullcandy Headphones. Super awesome? Indeed!

This post is written for Cinthol’s new Alive is Awesome marketing campaign.


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