You! Sorry, We!

When I see people spitting on the roads, I am reassured that we really cannot rid our nation of some of the serious problems (such as corruption, but not limited to) our country is plagued with. We need a change of mindset and not laws or their enforcement! Our politicians are not corrupt, young men, we are corrupt, our minds are corrupt! Accept it before you share that photo of the RTI guy on Facebook! This is why I believe Anna along his past and present team are not addressing the key issue.

Take this post to be a post-script for an old post on similar topic. This would have been a tweet, but it exceeded 140 characters by a large number.


4 thoughts on “You! Sorry, We!

  1. Yep, I guess I do agree with you..its weird that we make such fuss about corruption (not that anything happens anyways!) but we dont seem to think anything wrong in telling our children that ‘do your homework and THEN I will give you chocolate’ isnt that corruption? or may be its just offering an incentive..the issue is that such give and take just gets ingrained in our system na?

    Came here to say a hello right back :)

    1. Hello R’s Mom :) Welcome to the Integral…

      Give and take is ingrained into the entire human race, but we Indians have taken it to an altogether new level, unfortunately. If you read the linked blog post which I continued here, you’ll get some more on it :)

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