We let the clouds drench our souls!

So here I am in week #3 of Cinthol’s #AliveIsAwesome campaign. First week’s gratification was quite awesome actually – an iPod shuffle, and Cinthol’s bathing kit! Makes much sense to go a bit further now :)

Pune! Yes, that is the only place that comes to mind when I think of monsoons. After graduation, I moved to Pune to join my first job. Before September 2008. I had been to Pune only once and since I was a little kid back then, I clearly do not remember anything from that trip. In Pune, I was lucky enough to get an apartment in one of the tallest apartment complexes at that time (11th floor, yey!) which was already constructed on top of a hill. The view from our apartment was awesome, especially in monsoon.

So if you do not know, Pune is situated at an altitude of 1800-2500 ft above sea level, which is also the level at which rain clouds float around. Since we were already at the higher end of that altitude in Pune, most clouds were at the same level as us, and only few were really much above us. Here in a post dated August 2008 I have captured the dance of rains over the lush green hills visible from the balcony. We would see the clouds come from over the hills, and slowly settle down into the valley just after sunrise. Within minutes, they would move through the highrise building and engulf the entire complex in a dull wet and cool mist. The feeling was almost like walking through a humidifier.

Unfortunately for us, that was just not enough and the fun of monsoons was in taking the Activa and riding it up the hills. So off we went one day to the most popular destination within Pune – Sinhagadh! This Maratha fort is one of the numerous forts in and around Pune. It is about 30 km from the city and takes a little under 2 hours thanks to the really bad roads and steep incline on the hills. We were 4 of us on 2 scooters, riding up the hilly fort in slippery rains. It was raining, and it was cold. We got drenched the moment we met the first showers. Clearly, rain coats and umbrellas are a big no-no while riding a bike, and all we had were windcheaters. Of course they did not work and we were wearing clothes as wet as those inside a washing machine!

Once on top, the clouds were thick enough to reduce the visibility to just a few meters. The feeling was awesome. We were in clouds, drenched, and cold! It almost felt like what a car would feed going through a car wash. The clouds were like loofahs around us, and the feeling was that of being one with nature! We felt alive, and as we’ve talked before – being alive is awesome :) We cooled off further having some awesome local usal with bhakri and dahi…

And that is the only reason I miss Pune in monsoons!


This post is written for Cinthol’s new Alive is Awesome marketing campaign.


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