Hazelnut conversations with a dash of Cinnamon

Can you please help me with this dough, looks like I’ve added too much water * 4 runners, 5 medals * Kya baat kar raha hai – tu Bidar aa raha hai! * Wt? * 30 years of awesome togetherness * Oh My God! * Heylo! * #AliveIsAwesome * Please show some love and ‘Like’ the page * Sushi tonight! * Ho gaya mera! * Yes you can! * Sale tu Delhi aa raha hai ya nahin?  * Where’s your adrenaline gone these days? * Yes man, she works at home too! * Bhokchuk bhokchuk * I will be fine na? * 5 minutes chocolate brownie * Do you want Hazelnut or French Vanilla in your coffee? * We need Harpic! * Dude, kaam nahin hai kya? * I can’t wait to eat those Bengali chicken rolls * Bhul gaye woh din jo humne chai peete hue saath bitaaye the * Dude, who made this roast chicken? * Maruto Zarate, rhymes with your name * I really loved all the movies I watched this month at Talkie Town * I want to make a six pack, at least once in my life * No Display * Thanks for the khatirdari * Are you the same person who writes this awesome blog? Really? * So today I’ve come by Activa * Dude, we made scones today and they taste awesome! * So much for a blog post! :) * Running in circles, chasing tails * I hate dry eyes * Can you please change the colours to Women’s Pink and make it look a little nicer? * And this is for all the hard work you put in, it was at the back of our minds * 16 down, 6 to go * Can you please get me a bottle of David Walker perfume from Istanbul? * We will wind up next month * Who was that hot chic in the society complex? * The Tiger Safari is on! * What is the dress code for your wedding? * No idly today, Sir * Cinnamon powder and freshly ground black pepper are currently my most favorite spices * Why do you take everyone who visits us to LaMakaan? * 600 km in 8 hours * Oh I simply love Karachi biscuits * I think there’s something wrong with my left eye * I don’t want to go and watch your plays, unless they are happy ones * Piggu *

…and life goes on :)


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