Of One Million Fireflies and Water-falls

Traveling without a camera is not what I enjoy doing, but I do relish those trips just a little bit more. Looking through the camera lens does not narrow my perspective but it does narrow my perspective, you know what I mean! I visited Goa the first time ever, more than 25 years after I was born. By then more than 75% of the people I knew have been to Goa, and more than 50% of females I knew had at least one album titled  ‘Goa!!’ on Facebook! Unfortunately that was my first trip since owning a DSLR that I completed without a camera. Consequence was that I do not have a blog post on one awesome trip I’ve had. Well the reason I did not carry my DSLR was that activities planned in Goa were a little shady ;) (common, I am just being honest here) and I did not want to lose a great camera. I thought I’d never repeat the mistake, and actually I did pretty well keep up to my own expectations till the following happened.

Somewhere in the middle of last year, we were invited to join a wonderful group on a village expedition in the not-so-lofty-but-loftier-than-Lonavala Western Ghats near Kalsubai. We were on our first rural tourism itinerary for two days to a tiny village called Purushwadi in the early monsoons. Coming back to cameras, well I did not forget to carry the camera, but – wait for it – I forgot to charge the battery! Add to that the fact that I even forgot to carry the battery charger – there anyway wasn’t a charging point where we stayed.

So anyway, the whole trip was excellent. Started and ended with some most amazing views of the Sahyadris, and driving atop the hills at 3000ft above sea was awesome in itself. But the fun of the trip was the stay at Purushwadi. The trip was organized by Grassroutes, and we stayed with the locals, in tents! It was a two day trip, and the first day was spent having lunch and tea with the locals in their huts, and then going on treks, plucking fruits from the farms, and sliding in the mud! Post dinner, we all walked out into the bushes around the village, away from the people and into the wild. We were only following two things (three actually) – the darkness, and the sounds of the insects (and glows!)

Yes, the key attraction of the whole trip was sight of a million fireflies! Literally! The first time in my life, I had seen more than 2 fireflies, and now make it a million! It was an awesome sight and we just stayed there for like an hour. None of the cameras could capture the sight, and such things are best left to be seen with your own eyes than a camera’s.

The next day was fun filled. Starting with another trek and some more fruit plucking, we got a chance to plough the fields, clean some peanut pods, and eat awesome poha for breakfast. But what really got the group going, was gorging on buckets full of ripe and delicious mangoes and then – jumping into the pond of cool monsoon fresh water. I think, if the highlight of the first day was watching the fireflies, that for the second day was jumping into the pond and splashing around endlessly! The group splashed endlessly around the lazy river, and dived into the pond all afternoon. The sense of awesomeness that was created the previous evening by the fireflies, was taken to new heights by this feeling of conquering your self that jumping into a body of water gives you. The moment had suddenly come alive, and the feeling was fresh! After the mesmerizing dance of the fireflies had left us all wondering, the swims and the dives got the group alive again, and the feeling of being Alive is Awesome! The tiredness of the treks was gone, and trip was on its way to an epic conclusion.

This post is written for Cinthol’s new Alive is Awesome marketing campaign.

The above photo has been clicked by Dipna and all rights are reserved by her. Thanks Nickolai and Sunny for the photograph.


3 thoughts on “Of One Million Fireflies and Water-falls

  1. Everyones talking about jumpin in! Take Felix for example, the guy jumped form as high as literally possible! Any higher and he would’ve landed on the moon! :P

    Anyways, nice post! When I had my first trip to Goa with friends, it was awesome fun too!

    We were 22 guys on 11 hired two wheelers (some bikes, some scooters). Man it was a procession whenever we took off! 3 best days spent in Goa! Lots of clicks are there to refresh those memories too.

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