Feel alive bathing at the Strawberry Park Hot Springs in Colorado

So here I am continuing to write on the adventure bathing experiences I’ve had in the last few years. I know a few people who do not enjoy bathing, but for me it is a complete joy. Even at home I try to create varying bathing experiences each day to distance myself from the monotony. I alternate between bathing from the bucket, and using the shower. Along with that I also alternate between using a shower gel and a soap bar. That gives me almost 4 combinations to work with. What do you do to make your bath more exciting?

Coming back to adventure bathing, some of the experiences I’ve had are really unique! Those are times that are close to my heart and those that I cannot forget, ever! A not so recent experience was visiting the Strawberry Park Hot Springs, in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains in the US. That road trip from Denver to Steamboat Springs, and Vail and back, was one of the most beautiful and memorable trips ever! Patrik Da, are you reading?


So what was unique and so exciting about it? Well to start with, the outside temperature was well below 0 C. Now who takes a bath in a freezing weather? Would you even remove your thermals in such? At Strawberry Hot Springs, you would not be able to resist the temptation of skinny dipping! Strawberry Hot Springs are natural mineral hot springs at an altitude of 14,000 ft above sea level. They way the whole complex is designed is that boiling water emerges from the top most rocks of the spring, and flows 7 levels down into a stream of naturally frozen river. So the stepped pools provide you a gradient of temperatures varying from sub zero at the bottom to about 80-100C at the top. You can go jumping around the pools of varying temperatures or just choose one that fits you the best and relax for hours.

But here are the best things about the springs >
There are no lights out there, and you can stay in the springs all day and all night
and you do not need to wear clothes :) so basically you may skinny dip!

I’ve never seen a more beautiful night sky ever, than from the hot springs. There was no city light to block the shiny stars. The night was dark enough to show the Milky Way too!

Bathing for hours, literally, rejuvenated me! Watching the stars up above the world so high and wondering what they are, made me feel one with the vast universe. It made me come alive. Being Alive Is Awesome and this bathing experience only affirmed that belief!

This photograph of the Strawberry Springs, Colorado has been taken from their Facebook Page and you may not use it further.

This post is written for Cinthol’s new Alive is Awesome marketing campaign.


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