Getting back to life, with an awesome experience

In the last few days, I’ve blurted a lot of not-so-happy messages out, especially on Twitter. And the posts on my blog have only talked about food, cooking being my latest pastime. Has it been too long that I talked about travel? I guess not. Has it been too long that I took a vacation for myself? May be yes!

The point is, I need a break! :) A long day leaves you tired, mentally drained and physically exhausted… Imagine what months of such would do to you! What you need in such times is an escape, a mode to get back to life, a mode to feel alive! All I need in times like these is a trip, away from home and into the wild. Wondering when was the last time I took a trip to relax, the first thing that comes to my mind is the 2010 trip to Phi Phi Island in Thailand.


We stayed at the Phi Phi Island Village Resort in complete luxury, but the highlight of the trip was the endless hours I spent in the water. Swimming is something I really love. Floating in the water relaxes me completely, making me devoid of all the worldly troubles. Phi Phi island has some pretty corals and awesome marine life. Take a snorkel, put on your fins, and splash you go!

Swimming in turquoise blue waters of the Indian Ocean with these very pretty other forms of life made me come back to life, made me feel alive! Being alive is awesome and that is what bathing in Phi Phi made me feel.

If you even plan a honeymoon, or a second honeymoon or just a relaxing week off from work, head off to the Phi Phi Islands near Phuket in Thailand and feel alive :)

This post is written for Cinthol’s new Alive is Awesome marketing campaign.

7 thoughts on “Getting back to life, with an awesome experience

  1. “Luxury” and “relaxing” in the context of vacations for me only means the Sea. And this , when I cannot swim even. Just sitting around on the beach, or in the water, watching the waves is a calming experience in itself. I am a very very beach holiday person!
    Mauritius I guess also falls in the same category as Phi-Phi, the pristine blue waters, the corals, the works :) But yes, going with a 9 month old makes far less relaxing ;)!
    Learning for the day – I need to learn swimming!

    1. True. Though I learnt swimming almost 20 years back, I was never a fan of the sea and the beaches. Having grown up in Mumbai, I never really liked its dirty sea and beaches. It all changed when I visited some awesome other beaches on the Konkan coast. The trip to Phi Phi was just perfect – beach villas, private beach, white sand and turquoise waters. I am sure Ile Maurice gives the same experience, hopefully I will be visiting it too, soon :)

    2. Oh Konkan coast reminds me of Kovalam! Lovely, lovely beaches! I don’t know about Phi-Phi, but the only minus in Mauritius was the calmness of the sea! I know that technically it is the fact that the water is much more still which makes it so clear and blue! But I missed the thrashing of the waves :) Apparently the coral formations ensure that the waves die down before reaching the sands!

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