Food Experiment – Roasted Chicken, Asian style

So let me warn you before we get into the details of how to cook this amazing chicken – This will become an instant favorite with the crowd you invite for dinner!

Honestly, I have been trying to cook chicken properly since early this year, but it is only recently that I have realised a few things that help me cook it better! In contrast to the Crispy Honey Chicken I shared with you earlier, this one is very very simple to make.


Without any more gyaan, let us get into making Asian style roasted chicken.

You would need:

  • ½ kg chicken drumsticks (4 to 5, depending on their size), OR boneless chicken breasts
  • 4 cloves of garlic (peeled)
  • 1 cup soy sauce
  • 2 tablespoons oil and a few more drops
  • 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  1. Defrost your chicken if you purchased frozen chicken, and wash it well with water. Pat dry with paper napkins.
  2. Take a wide deep bowl and place the chicken drumsticks in it. If you are using boneless chicken breasts, make sure to cut them open into two thin slices each (the way you would cut open a bun for a burger). Basically you want to ensure that the chicken meat is not more than 2-2.5cm thick**.
  3. Pour the oil over the chicken uniformly and turn the pieces once to coat them properly with oil. The reason why you patted them dry in the first step is because oil tends to float over water; hence in the presence of a layer of water on the chicken, the oil would not come in contact with the chicken**.
  4. Pour the soya sauce over the chicken and add minced or finely chopped garlic uniformly to the marinade.
  5. Sprinkle the black pepper and toss around the chicken pieces in the bowl to mix everything together.
  6. That is it! Cover the bowl (with a lid or use an aluminium foil)** and place it in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.**
  7. Pre-heat your oven to 210-220 C. Take a baking tray and place aluminium foil over it uniformly (this will basically make your clean up after cooking much faster, and definitely easier). Glaze the aluminium foil evenly with a drop of oil. Place your chicken pieces on the foil and pour the remaining marinade over it. (Throw away the rest of the marinade – never use it again).
  8. Place the baking tray in the oven and let it cook for at least 20 minutes, preferably 25 minutes.
  9. Remove the tray from the oven and keep it aside for another 5-10 minutes. The chicken continues to cook by itself.**
  10. Pick up the chicken, and serve!

Half kilo chicken is enough for two people with decent appetite, when accompanied with salad or mash potatoes, or rice, or nan. A few variations of this recipe are very easily possible. Here are some cool ingredients you can add in Step 5 along with black pepper:
Oregano spice mix, basil leaves, dried fenugreek, red chilly flakes, etc. I would highly recommend to add 1-2 teaspoons of Chicken Tandoori Masala, or Chicken Biryani Masala which will add that amazing tangy Indian Tandoori Chicken taste to it.

Another variation of this recipe leads to tandoori chicken (using hung curd and tandoori chicken masala for marination), though I am yet to try that.

Do note that you must NOT add any salt to the marinade, as soy sauce itself is quite salty, and other ingredients that you add such as the chicken tandoori masala also contain enough salt. You may leave out adding the oil to the marinade completely if you are calorie conscious, and I have observed that the difference in taste or texture does not vary significantly.

Difficulty: Low
Inflation: Moderate
Calories: Moderate
Eat when: Starters for dinner, or main course itself
Yumminess Factor: Best enjoyed dipped in Honey Mustard (2 tablespoons honey mixed with equal proportions of mustard sauce, plus 1 teaspoon mayonnaise)

Buon Appetito!

** Did you note the steps marked with (**)? They are some lifesavers when cooking any chicken recipe. Do not skip!

Would like to thank Anagha (@anadorable) for the original recipe which has been adopted here, and Ashrita (@caramelwings) for her awesome tips to make roasted chicken!


7 thoughts on “Food Experiment – Roasted Chicken, Asian style

  1. “Thanks Aditya N Anagha… the chicken was absolutely yummy! Tender n juicy… The only modification I made was add ginger garlic paste to the marinate along with chopped garlic. This recipe is quick n easy n leaves my kitchen mess free…. Except for the massive marinate explosions in my OTG…. But it’s totally worth it!”

    1. You are welcome :D Yes, the recipe is easy and does not mess your kitchen much.
      To keep the OTG clean, you may try covering / wrapping the chicken in aluminium foil and then try. I expect same results, though have not tried it.

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