To Milan, with love!

Milan, is one of the largest cities in the EU and one of the most celebrated cities of the world. Being a prominent international center of performing arts, Milan is also an important destination for tourists on the European circuit. Milan is identified (along with New York and London) as the Fashion Capital of the world. The rest of the good things about Milan are in general common with most of the rest of Italy – great art, great food, great language, great people, and all in all, a great place to be!

I was lucky to have got a chance to visit Milan, although it was a short trip lasting only 2 nights and 3 days (no weekends in that). Of the tons of photographs I did click while walking the streets of Milan, here are a few that may highlight some awesome places in the city!

The Milan Cathedral, or the Duomo di Milano, is the 4th largest cathedral in the world and constructed in the Gothic style. The exterior is made of what seemed to me brilliant marble. In front of it is a huge public square, and beside it is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a huge 150 year old shopping arcade.


The interior of the cathedral is huge, almost reminded me of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia. Whereas the exterior shows some excellent detailed carvings on some sort of a metal. I do not know much about Christianity, unfortunately, to have understood the depictions (though I do identify Christ in the picture below).


Streets in the downtown area of Milan are peculiar and quite different from some of the other Western European cities I have been to. They are cobbled with paver blocks, and also extremely tiny. Some streets are only wide enough for one bicycle to pass through at a time.


Trams are everywhere in Milan. I think Milan has one of the oldest tram systems in the whole world, and boy do the trams look pretty! Another interesting perspective of the city can be had from the top of the Milan Cathedral walking between the pinnacles and spires.

Milan St

Unfortunately, and partly due to my own choices, I have not watched an opera in Europe. Something that I promise not to miss on my next trip (whenever it is). I should have done that in Copenhagen, or Munich, or Salzburg, or at least Prague, but I did not. Did not happen in Milan either. Milan is dotted with museums, art galleries and operas all over. One of the most famous paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, The Last Supper, is preserved inside a church in Milan. However you need to book a slot on the internet in advance to be able to go and see it. It is in a fragile state even after multiple restoration attempts, and its sight comes at a premium. I was not fortunate enough to know about this before traveling to Milan. That did not stop me from seeing some of the other brilliant paintings in various churches and museums in the city, and also catch a glimpse of a lovely street play!


This clearly does not complete the picture of Milan, more so because I have not covered anything about wine, pizza, or fashion! Oh did I say fashion? Well, one of the most fashionable ways to go around in Milan is driving in a super cool Fiat 500 (yes I did it)!!!!



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