Food experiments? – Mango Vanilla Milkshake

It takes a lot for most of us hostel-bred Maggi-eating class to move our asses and enter the kitchen for something productive! Being a self proclaimed food lover, I think was a bit easier for me, thankfully I always had a fully functional kitchen in my home – wherever I’ve stayed post graduation.

Marriage made it easier for me. It takes two to tango, doesn’t it? Well, one of the key motivations for cooking, is a person who would eat it with love. Today, my wife has officially designated me as the cook of all exotic recipes, while she would retain the title of official cook of everyday extremely nutritious food!

And oh, it helps to have some extremely good cooks in your friend circle!

So, of the many awesome things that I can make, and have made… let the simplest and my most favorite one go onboard my blog, first!

Mango Milkshake with a tinge of Vanilla
Blend a few ripe mangoes in a blender, with sugar to taste. Here I’d rather NOT use Alphonsos, though I know they are one of the most popular and most expensive ones in the market. This year I tried the maximum varieties of Indian mangoes, and can safely conclude that the Baneshan/Baiganpalli are my favorite kind – they are heavy, nice, firm, full of flesh and fibreless (okay, I did not mean to make it sound like this, but hell yeah)!

To about 250ml of the blended mangoes, add 100-200ml chilled water (depends on how thick you want your milkshake) and 200ml chilled milk. Let a little cream from the milk flow into the blender – too bad if you have toned milk.
Again, add some sugar to taste – safe to use castor sugar, since sugar does not dissolve very well in cold liquids.

Add in a few drops of vanilla extract to this and blend well! Voila, you have about 2 tall servings of awesome Mango Milkshake with a tinge of Vanilla ;)

Note: this recipe is NOT for the calorie conscious and certainly NOT for you if you are desperately trying to lose some of your adipose tissues!

Thanks Suchitra for pushing me to blog about my exploits in the kitchen. I am the kind of person who would first order a dessert, and then the main course, hence I thought this would be the perfect recipe to start off with. Whatsay?

PS: Sorry, I forgot to take a picture today, but if I repeat the recipe again, I will surely keep you guys updated :)


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