Things to do?

Well well, I have been going around telling everyone that I need 8 days a week! And that is pretty much true. So let me explain.

Basically, I need a 3 days weekend for myself. That is to do all the wonderful things that I really want to do on a weekend. One full day, goes towards sleeping and taking care of household chores such as cleaning, dusting, washing clothes, blah blah blah. The second day, is to go out! Go out watch a play or attend a concert, or maybe just go shopping with wify hopping across shopping centers, meeting friends or going on a photowalk. Or multiple of those things together. The 3rd day of the weekend should be for myself! What do I do on that day? Do things I enjoy doing at home! For example, writing a blog! Or editing my photos, or maybe even cooking an amazing meal for that matter!

So those are the 3 days I would ideally love to spend after a hectic week, on my way to a recharged new week at work! Now people ask, why not just have the usual 7 days week, with 4 working days and 3 days for your weekend? Well, I personally believe 5 days is just the right size of a working week.  4 days is short, 3 even shorter. Here is why – You come back to work on a Monday, still feeling blue, lost and lethargic. Tuesday is when you are on top of what you need to do and really start working on it. You are at your best on Wednesday and Thursday – the two days you really work with full steam. Thursday is the night for you to go out have a drink or watch a movie, or come back and spend some time with family again. On Friday, the weekend is almost there and you are almost too excited to focus! Now if you take away Friday for the weekend, Thursdays would not be as efficient as they are, and similar for Monday! Whatever.

So make that 5 working days and 3 days for the weekend. That would make an year with 45 nice full weeks, and 5 days to spare for your annual vacation :) But of course, you would get only 45 Saturdays and 45 Sundays and 45 8th days !! Don’t you just love this model?

Anyhoo… so coming back to the blog, I still have the following stuff to upload on my blog:
1. Prague Travelog and Pictures
2. Milan Travelog and Pictures
3. Salzburg Travelog and Pictures

Plus, in addition to all of those, need to write two travelogues for ShutterMonks – yes and they need new words, and maybe I need to select and attach different pics too!

And? Yes, edit some more pics and upload them!

I’ve not even given my music another chance after the initial few bouts last year! SAD!

But yes, if you do like the 8 days a week idea, let us sit together for a few shots of JD+Coke!


2 thoughts on “Things to do?

  1. wow! how did u manage to get this till the end without getting muddled?? I got muddled half way thru :P kidding re…nice one…though im fine with the week just now…I just want it to get over asap without mulling over the number of weekends and weekdays. Weekdays always come after weekends no matter wat…unfortunately that cnt change so things remain same for me!

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