Of conversations and green tea

It has been almost half a year, and things have moved on quite a lot since the last time I posted conversations mélange.

Hum log aa rahe hain * S *  Man, it’s so hot! * She got down from her mom’s embrace and started running after the butterfly * I’m in Wien * 19,618 km * Dude, what’s wrong with you? * Chai peeyega? * ISO 6400 * Welcome back Sir, go straight and then to your right * 사랑해 * I’m fine, thanks. And you? * Here is the piano and you can play it, BUT only if you can! * Sahlep * Wow! Click-click-click-click * Can you please transfer the money to my bank account? * Mujhe bhi jana hai tere sath * I need it *  Repu randi * When will you go by bus? * What is the point of such photos? *  12 down, 20 more to go * Harika Vedula Stephens * Mi scuza * Every station is Praha station *  I wanna go to LaMakaan! *

Sorry this was short! Apart from these highlights, conversations have got a bit boring, unintelligent and mundane. May be it is time to seek new people, new groups and new environments!


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