Catching up with some mid day long shadows in Sweden

Copenhagen gave me a great opportunity to visit another, and the largest of the Scandinavian countries – Sweden. Lying just across the Oresund strait in the Baltic Sea, Sweden is easily accessible by road and train from Copenhagen. It took me all but 30 minutes to land up in Sweden from my hotel in Copenhagen.

I got to visit two cities, or towns – Lund and Malmo. Lund, is a university town famous for the Lund University established in 1666 and one of Scandinavia’s largest institutes for education.  It is also the oldest city in present day Sweden, and you can see why, from the photos. I found some really beautiful architecture in Lund, perhaps even better than Copenhagen. Copenhagen looked very much like a brand new city, but Lund, a very old archaic place trying to finds its foot in this century!


This photograph was shot at around noon, but you can see that the sun is far from being overhead! Beautiful sunshine, however the temperature was well below –5 C.


Clearly, I had to take a pic showing the name of the place! Unfortunately young boys, it is pronounced as “Loond”.


One of the two Indian restaurants in Lund


Inside the Lund Cathedral – perhaps the most beautiful cathedral I have visited


Next stop, Malmo – the southern-most and the third largest city of Sweden.

I would mostly, let the pictures do the talking here! But again some really beautiful architecture!



And of course some really long mid day shadows :) This pic taken around 2pm, 55 N of equator and amazing shadow lengths!





Diptych 1

Oh my favorite pic :)



Wow! Lots of travel to be shared, but even before that, some more travel left to be “travelled”!

See you guys in March!


8 thoughts on “Catching up with some mid day long shadows in Sweden

    1. Scandinavia is so beautiful! Where I actually want to visit in Scandinavia is ever further north, towards Oslo and Helsinki.. and even further up the Fjords. I want to see the Northern Lights very badly!

    2. I have only ever been to Norway a few times. It is one of the most expensive places in Europe though. I can’t recommend making a trip for the Northern Lights though. You wouldn’t regret it.

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