Copenhagen, DK

Wow, I cannot believe this is my first blog post in 2012! It has been a very very busy year so far! Lots of work, lots of activities, and more importantly, lots of travel…!

After a relatively dry year 2011, the window of opportunity shined early in 2012… this one is the first in a set of 4 great cities I visited in 4 different countries in Western Europe.

Denmark is a small country, and Copenhagen its capital is the largest city. It is large, but not really in comparison to Mumbai, New York, Chicago or even Hyderabad :)

A metro train ride – and there are automatic driverless metro trains in Copenhagen – from the airport takes you to downtown Copenhagen in less than 20 minutes! So you can imagine the size of the city. However, the downtown area is not really as small and completely walkable as Chicago. But people walk – and they cycle a lot in the Nordics!

Here are some not so good photographs that I could take in freezing –4 C.

Copenhagen Aditto's Trip Europe

Copenhagen Little Mermaid

Copenhagen Denmark

Copenhagen Denmark

Reminds me of Vail, Colorado

Copenhagen Denmark

Copenhagen Denmark Waffles


What you see in the pic below, is the strait separating Denmark and Sweden, and the tiny vertical lines form one of the first and the largest offshore wind farms in the world…

Copenhagen DenmarkCopenhagen Denmark

I guess that’s it for now, some other countries in the following blog posts :)


9 thoughts on “Copenhagen, DK

  1. Good photographs Adi. I was in Copenhagen in January and had an opportunity to stay at Hotel Rungestaard, which is facing a beautiful sea shore in out-skirts of Copenhagen. The resort was in a very posh area and houses were very beautiful (with at least one BIG car parked outside each house). I will share some photographs with you.

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