RFB in the city of Pearls

Can you please stop tossing around? * Go 1.5 km ahead and take the right turn on to MG Road * Tomorrow I’ll make you breakfast * Let’s go and play Baddy * Sorry for the salt, I think I put it twice * I hate the leaking tap, why don’t you call the plumber? * No, you won’t eat any more cold stone! * Invitation – Party Tonight, my place * No, not Tsubasa again, can we please have some Pachelbel? *  I hate your braking these days * Please call Mamma * Hawaya? * There is this very interesting restaurant in Secunderabad * Who’s that chic? * Bfast? * Phbbt *  On my way to Kondapur, have you started? * I don’t know what that guy is up to * Idly for breakfast? * I hate Excel, but it is better than your Access * Hehe * I am not going to Talkie Town ever again! * Do you want coffee or tea? * When will you leave? * Guntur Idly Rs 45 * Oh no, why does she come so early? * Vinay Kumar to Hyatt, OUT, 129.6 kph, (Hotel) Hyatt checks in and departs immediately! * Stop your alarm please, let me sleep * Did you see the starlings flying outside? * Kaun aayaaaaaa? *  I’m on the edge, of glory * Speed limit 120 km/hr * Let us also stop by Vac’s for a post dinner treat * Are you meeting your friends today? * Away-lable * I will watch vampire movie if I get to eat Caramel Popcorn * 24 Likes, 15 Comments * Hand-la glass-u, glass-la scotch-u, eyes-u full-aa tear-u * Thanks, I was waiting for your message *

This post was shamelessly inspired by the The Marriage of Symphonies


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