Hello Hyderabad – First Impressions!

Finally the move is complete. We have moved with all our stuff to Hyderabad, a buzzing town in south central India. Hyderabad, often known as the City of Pearls, is centrally located in the Indian Peninsula. It is a historic city, one of the largest metropolitan areas in India, and recently rated as the 4th best city to live in India.

I spent a little more than 3 long years in Pune, the city that I had come to love so much. I am definitely going to miss the beautiful monsoon in the Sahyadris, the awesome drives to Panchgani, Lonavala and other tiny places nearby. I will miss the lovely cool climate of Pune, and the lush green cantonment area.

So, how is Hyderabad? Fortunately, it is one big city in South India, where you can do without knowing the local language! Thankfully I can abuse in Telugu, but on a serious note, I am not planning to learn the language this time. I had always created an image of this city in my mind based on my interactions with the Gults in college. But I guess I was wrong. Hyderabad is a very cosmopolitan, and a convenient place to live in. It has the features that any big city should have (except public transport). I like big cities that are not too crowded – and Hyderabad is just that. I have heard it gets really hot here, but summer is still two quarters away!

Looks like Hyderabad is a photographers’ haven. Pune was almost blank, but this city is a historic place – plenty of forts, palaces and other structures in and around the city to click. City lights are good as well :) Hopefully, I will take more than a few months to explore all places within Hyderabad. Having said that, I am a bit disappointed with the fact that there really is nothing around Hyderabad – at a convenient drivable distance. Bangalore, Goa, Vizag are all at a distance of 10-15 hours. Being centrally located, the only option one has is to take a flight from perhaps the best airport in India! I am however looking forward to our drive to Hampi sometime in the first week of October :)

To capture it in short, it is not even a month here for me, and I have already been a part of an adventurous drive in the dark, and Lucky Ali concert – the concert was mediocre, but it was fun and we got free audio CDs too ;)

Charminar Hyderabad


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