#311 Udaipur, Rajasthan

Last week, I visited one of the most beautiful cities in India, Udaipur. This also happened to be my first trip to Rajasthan, the desert state of India. Udaipur, however, is like an oasis; well I did not visit the sandy parts of the state, but Udaipur surely looked like an oasis. It is beautifully located in the laps of the Aravali mountain range, and is also called as the the Venice of the East and the Lake City. It was setup as final capital of the Mewar Kingdom by Maharana Uday Singh. You can read more about Udaipur on Wikipedia.

Pretty that it is, it did provide ample opportunities to take some great photographs. Being with a crowd is always bad when you want to set out on a lonely photowalk with only your camera. But here are a few shots I did manage to capture:

IMG_9050This is the Rangniwas Palace, a beautiful and inexpensive heritage hotel we stayed at.

IMG_9102Street side shops on Palace Road

IMG_9115The Udaipur City Palace

IMG_9133Inside the City Palace

IMG_9145Udaipur City, seen from the City Palace

IMG_9193Handicraft and other shops inside the City Palace Complex

IMG_9214Truly the most beautiful view, the city seen from Lake Pichola

IMG_9216The Lake Palace

IMG_9223The City Palace seen from Lake Pichola

IMG_9321Enchanting Folk Dance at Bagore ki Haveli

IMG_9348Crowd at Bagore ki Haveli

Clearly, these images do not capture even one percent of the beauty my eyes captured in Udaipur. I certainly will make one more trip! If you have a few days at hand and need a good break, head to Udaipur, today!


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