#305 Exotic Destination: Phi Phi Islands

Just checked the date of the last blog post, it was more than 2 months ago. The last two months were quite hectic and eventful! And December, marked the beginning of a new journey…

Here are some photographs from our trip to Phi Phi Islands, near Phuket in Thailand. It is the most exotic place we have ever visited, and one of the best trips we have ever had!

Phi Phi Islands are about 45 km from Phuket as the crow flies; Phuket can be reached from Bangkok by an hour long flight journey.

This is where we stayed, the Phi Phi Island Village Resort and Spa.

Each villa in the resort is built in the traditional Thai style, with thatched roofs.

IMG_8240 IMG_8573
Sunrise from the resort’s private beach.


Resort bar on the beach!

Half a mile long private stretch of beach greets the coral blue waters of Andaman Sea.


The best part of the place was indeed, the sea!

The Andaman Sea throws up different shades of blue and green depending on the depth of water, nature of underlying corals and amount of sunlight.

Tonsai Bay, is the downtown of Phi Phi Islands and you can get a boat or a ferry to almost any neighboring island (or mainland) from here. There are plenty of cheap hotels for budget travelers too.



IMG_8589 IMG_8591
Sunbathing, and relaxing on the ferry to from Phi Phi to Phuket.

The second most exciting thing about the place was the food! Never had and never will have so much Thai food!


Overall it was an excellent trip, a bit on the higher side of the budget, but let me tell you it was totally worth the cost!


11 thoughts on “#305 Exotic Destination: Phi Phi Islands

  1. Same spot I have seen in countless movies! Yes, Phi Phi Islands will be on our list next time we head to Phuket. The sunrise and sunsets are truly magical in this part of the world and children keep asking to go back ;)) Did you get to try local food outside the resort?

    1. Yes!!! Look who is digging my blog :D
      You know, it was pointless eating the expensive resort food, and every meal we had except the first was in the village behind the resort :) Totally yummy and worth every Baht!

    2. The resort we visited in Phuket, provided all meals so we missed out on authentic local fare. Managed to visit a street stall and tried our favourite Tom-Yum… needless to say, we cant enjoy the same fresh taste here. Unfortunately, could not satiate our craving for Pad Thai ;o

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