#297 Colorado Rocky Mountains

You have perhaps seen prettier photographs, but this is what I saw :) I am not sure if a 1000 words would be enough to justify the beauty of the place I visited. I thought San Francisco was the prettiest place I have ever visited, till I visited Colorado. Thanks Patrik Da, thanks to you I could enjoy the landscape and have a great trip!

IMG_5351 (Large)

So it all began from Denver on a clear Saturday morning. A malfunctioning phone charging point in the rented car, meant we got a free upgrade to a Volvo S60. Till then, I had only traveled in Volvo buses. But this, was pleasure to the ass!

IMG_5455 (Large)

IMG_5434 (Large)

Colorado is beautiful. The landscape is heavenly, and empty roads add just another level of charm.

IMG_5509 (Large)

This place, was our first stop: Steamboat Springs. It is one of the most famous Ski Towns in the US. At an altitude of 6500 feet, it is a very very pretty little town.

IMG_5528 (Large)

IMG_5544 Touched

It was getting quite difficult to take pictures with so much sunshine. We literally had to grab any opportunity with clouds covering the sun!

IMG_5548 (Large)

Steamboat Springs is named so because one of the black sulphur springs here sounded like a chugging steamboat to early settlers. Thanks to some landscaping and construction, that sound has almost disappeared.

IMG_5520 (Large)

Even a town with barely 8000 people, had perhaps the best Indian restaurant I have so far been to in the United States. It was also the largest, the spiciest and played the best music inside (AR Rahman!!!!).

IMG_5681 (Large)

This is me and Patrik Da, in perhaps the one standard pose I click of myself wherever I travel! This, is Vail. At 8000 odd feet above sea it is yet another ski resort, highly commercialised, and built in a pretty European style.

IMG_5747 (Large)

When the snow is not enough for skiing, some other activities are biking, or golf…

IMG_5777 (Large)

IMG_5819 (Large)

IMG_5831 (Large)

Anando and Patrik Da, with the bigger da… Einstein Da!


A brilliantly worked out 2 days trip, covering over 500 kms and traveling over highways at an altitude of 11,000 feet, this was a superb trip. I cannot thank Patrik Da enough for this :) Btw, he calls me Anando… ask me why? He also becomes the only other person after Roshnai to understand my camera and take my pictures :)

Patrik Da, I could not capture the hours we spent in the Strawberry Hot Water Springs bathing and jumping around the hot water pools and the cold water river, or the awesome photography sessions we had by the pseudo railway station and in Vail, or those tiny little towns like “Bond” and State Bridge… but I can surely leave this blog to aptly end with this song… (click here)


10 thoughts on “#297 Colorado Rocky Mountains

  1. Too good dude…especially like the dedication at the end :)

    P.S. Let’s spread the word (Berra) around

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