#295 Tulips on the Magnificent Mile

The first time I heard or read the word Tulip was sometime in kindergarten. As with all uncommon flowers, I did not care to remember what they looked like in the book. There was also a guy named Tulip in my college, and I think Tulip Joshi is one of the prettiest persons I have seen in Bollywood. But honestly, I did not know what tulips looked like, till last month! In Spring, you can find Tulips almost everywhere in and around Chicago. I am not sure of other places. One particular place in Chicago has been well advertised for tourism: The Michigan Avenue, or the Magnificent Mile.


IMG_4944  IMG_4946 IMG_4950 IMG_4955 IMG_4966 IMG_4971 IMG_4981 IMG_4985 IMG_4990  IMG_5040

Pretty, aren’t they?


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