#286 History will repeat itself…

At the table, having awesome bread pakoda and tea. The television is showing news about the German Bakery and doing a post-mortem of the explosive used, when he strikes!

SGP: What all they show in the news these days!! I don’t like it at all!
RFB: Dude, you know everything about history, but nothing about the present! Watch the news!
SGP: Beta… History repeats itself…!
RFB: Haan theek hai, history will repeat itself, and you will become a monkey again!

Stree is listening to the conversation with interest, but also watching the news from the corner of his eyes…
A’jee-K’wale: Where were you when the bomb blast occurred?
SGP: Beta…!
RFB: Look at Stree… ask him where he was! Btw SGP, do you know how to make an explosive? How to make rockets? Ask Stree!
Stree: Dishkyaon…!
Chorus: Pocket mein rocket hai… pocket mein…

SGP: Abbe yaar tum log meri hi kyun lete ho har bar?
RFB: Hum log teri nahin, Stree ki le rahe hain is baar!
Stree: He he he! Dishkyaon…

A’jee-K’wale: Abbe, he is returning on Monday, right?
MGupta4: And even “HE” is returning on Monday!
SGP: Who is he?
RFB: Chiteej
SGP: And who else?
MGupta4: HE, whom you do not want to SEE!
A’jee-K’wale: He is enjoying ladyboys…
SGP: Ladyboys? Yeh Ladyboys kya hota hai?
RFB: SGPpppppp… Ladyboys… Lady+Boys=Ladyboys!
(think: Hansa/Praful/Khichadi)
SGP: Beta…!
SGupta: You are blushing! OMG!

SGP: Theek hai… I will see you all tomorrow!
RFB: Ofcourse!

History will repeat itself!
Aur hum teri kal fir marenge!

Btw, if you did not understand SGP, here are some pointers:
KGP = Kharagpur
MGP = Magarpatta
SGP = ?


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