#276 Phatphati

Stree: Yahan se left
RFB: Are you sure?
Stree: Haan bey!

Stree: Bass bass, yahin pe rok de
RFB: Gatcha!
Stree: Do I need to sign the roster?!!??

Sometime before that:

Rickshaw: Raja, raja, raja… %#@%@ @^#%$%#@ @# #@%#2
Stree: Appu Raja!
RFB: Really? Man, you have awesome memory!
Stree: \m/
RFB: Does it sound like that? I think it is some marathi song
Stree: The words are not the same I think, but it is Appu Raja
RFB: The music sounds different too!
Stree: Yeh, but it is Appu Raja! It is just like that!

Sometime before that…

Mgupta4: Are you leaving?
RFB: Ye ye!
Stree: Ok guys, I am leaving too. Marathe, lets go!
RFB: I got my phatphati.
Stree: You mean, Ducati??
RFB: Yeh, a 100cc Ducati!! Do you want a lift?
A’jee-K’wale: It is called a ‘ride’, not a ‘lift’!
RFB: Like, ‘pillion’?
A’jee-K’wale: \m/
RFB: Gatcha!
RFB: Lets go Stree!

Sometime before that…

RFB: Stree, Stree… Hey Stree…
Stree smiles across the glass divider
RFB: How about this: “Stree, Stree, Nice Stree”
Stree: What?
RFB: Have you watched the movie ‘UP’? In that there is this little boy who goes around the old man’s house searching for a snipe, calling out – ‘Snipe Snipe, nice Snipe, Come out Snipe… Clap Clap Clap!’
Stree: Yeh!
RFB: So how about: “Stree Stree, Nice Stree, Clap Clap Clap!”
Stree: I will give your supari!

Question: Who had the last laugh?


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