#266 First attempts at a fake HDR

The human eye can see and realize more tones in a scene than any camera sensor or film. It is for this reason that many times a photograph captured by you may look far from what you actually saw it as and wanted to capture it as. This is truer in dark or insufficient lighting conditions.

Dynamic range of an image is the difference in exposure between the darkest and the brightest part of an image, without losing any detail. Over-exposure often leads to very bright or shiny white skies and under exposure often leads to dark or grey objects. To achieve a photograph closest to the real scene, multiple images taken at different exposures need to be put together. High Dynamic Range Imaging tries to achieve the perfect picture by either computer rendering or putting together multiple photographs.

The Canon EOS 1000D can well take Auto Exposure Bracketed (AEB) images, but I’d rather buy a tripod before attempting that and then using Photoshop. There however are some ways to achieve similar effects using Photoshop on normal images. I tried my hand on one of the pics from my basket.

The results are as follows:

HDR1   Fake HDR effect

HDR2    Original Image
Location: Shaniwarwada, Pune

The following tutorial was used to achieve the above:



6 thoughts on “#266 First attempts at a fake HDR

  1. Hey thanks for dropping by, I really appreciate this and your blog is awesome too, I will be waiting for more posts

    1. Yes you are right… It is all about exposure :) I still think the tonal range of the eye is unmatched… they may match almost, but not completely..

      I’d like to know your name, your blog does not mention it, or maybe I could not find it. Nice blog! I like!!

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