#263 कुठे आहेस? (Kuthe aahes?)

Where are you – would be the most asked question by the handful of readers of the Integral. More than a month now that it has been since I last blogged anything.

Well, I was busy blogging photos on my photoblog… http://photos.aditto.info

But did I tell you about the new dSLR camera that I got? Its a splendid entry-level digital SLR, the new Canon EOS 1000D, also known as the Rebel XS.

imageCame with an EF-S 18-55mm kit lens (f3.5-f5.6), although without the Image Stabilization that ships with the 1000D in other countries. Has a 10MP CMOS sensor, live-view, ISO range upto 1600 with noise reduction, complete manual operations with a bunch of good automatic modes, playback zoom upto 10X, 7 pt auto-focus system and 3 different metering modes, plus a lot more…

I used the Sony DSC-H1 digital camera before this one. H1 offered a very good range of manual controls, excellent zoom and even an SLR-like control wheel! It was just a 5MP camera, and picture quality at high ISO was ordinary. I had to buy my first good digital camera, and an entry-level dSLR was the best deal I could settle for. The image quality is excellent, better than 99% of point and shoots any day. Images at high ISO are amazingly clear of noise, even without noise reduction enabled. Images straight out of the camera are slightly soft with the default settings, but bumping up the sharpness by a couple of points puts the image quality right up there with the best in class! For a complete review of the 1000D, click here.

Costing me Rs 27,000 I think this is the perfect camera for anybody looking for excellent image quality and almost complete manual controls… or somebody looking to upgrade from a point-and-shoot to an entry level dSLR. It beats Sony, Olympus, Nikon and Pentax at the entry-level.

Here are the first few images…

To see all photos visit the photoblog: http://photos.aditto.info


3 thoughts on “#263 कुठे आहेस? (Kuthe aahes?)

  1. Good to learn about the camera as always need one for our work.Let me know after you use it for a while if it is easy to operate..

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